You can unlock hidden iPhone features using codes entered on your keyboard

YOU can access a number of handy iPhone features using little-known codes that you plug in your keyboard.

The hack works whether you have an old or new iPhone and lets you find a stronger cell signal, block outgoing calls, and more.


All codes are entered on your usual dial padCredit: Alamy

We’ve rounded up some of the best codes for you to try.

Some may work better than others, depending on your device and location.

How to Access iPhone IMEI

Your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is the unique number associated with your smartphone.

Sometimes you may be asked if you want to unlock an iPhone to use another network.

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The number is also useful if you are trying to find a lost or stolen iPhone.

To find your IMEI number, go to your keyboard and enter *#06#.

The number should just appear on your screen.

Code to find stronger signal

A viral youtube video explains how a “secret submenu” on your iPhone can turn your signal bars into numbers so you can see when your signal is improving or deteriorating.

In the voiceover, users are prompted to access their iPhone’s keyboard and enter the code: “*3001#12345#*”.

Once you have typed in all these symbols and numbers, you then click on the green call button.

A hidden menu should appear where you are prompted to click “LTE”.

The presenter then clicks on “Serving Cell Meas”.

The video explains how the number you see at the top should be as close to zero as possible to indicate good serve strength.

If you move your phone, you should notice the number change.

Apparently “50 negative” or “40 negative” means good service.

However, “negative 140” means no service at all.

Divert incoming calls

There are different codes for this depending on the situation of the call you want to forward.

If you want to forward a call when you do not answer, dial *61*.

To forward a call when your iPhone is unreachable, dial *62*.

If you want to forward a call when your iPhone is busy, dial *67*.

Next, enter the number you want calls forwarded to and type # then the green dial button.

To deactivate, dial the code initially entered and press call.

How to Hide Caller ID on iPhone

If you want to call someone and your caller ID is not showing, enter *67 or try #31# if you are outside the United States.

Enter the number of the person you are calling, including the area code.

Next, click the green dial button.

Minutes remaining on your contract

This one is useful if you are worried about spending too much on your contract.

Just dial *646#.

Block Outgoing Calls on iPhone

This one has a few steps.

Dial *33* then enter your PIN followed by a #.

Press the green dial button.

This feature can be useful if you let someone borrow your iPhone but don’t want them to make outgoing calls.

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Activate or deactivate call waiting

This can notify you when someone else tries to call you while you are already on a call.

To make sure this is enabled, dial *43# then click the green dial button.

To disable this feature, dial #43#.

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