VPN for iPhone, iPad – Install OpenVPN on iOS

VPN on iPad – iPhone

The abbreviation of VPN is Virtual Private Network.Yes, we know that the security of iOS is better then android and windows.But, IOS is not completely safe your data can be traveled through wifi and cellular networks. Normally iPhone users are facing this problem that their data is not safe.If they use the public WiFi so, they will lose their data, but not from today!

It’s true that iPhone has its own cloud called iCloud to protect but whenever you use 4g or 3g your data can be trapped or If you are using cellular network your data can be easily transferred through towers. The main problem is a WiFi network.When you connect your iPhone to the public WiFi like Airport, Hospital, Coffey shop and grocery then your data will be totally in the hands of the owner.The owner can transfer your contacts, pictures, account password etc.A lot of black public WiFi is available if you don’t use VPN at that time then you can lose your data.

Now we are going to tell you how does Virtual Private Network work.

How does VPN work?

Virtual Private Networks involve accessing server run by a provider via an encrypted connection.Virtual Private Network gives us a number of benefits or advantages.

Your IP address:
All of your Internet traffic will appear to the IP address of the VPN server rather than you.
By the connection of your device and VPN server, nobody can hack your personal data like pictures, contacts, passwords, accounts code etc.
Public WiFi:
By the connection of your device and VPN server, you can use fake public wife without any tension.Even, if you are using the fake public wifi your data will be saved.

Why do you need VPN?

Through a Virtual private network, your data will save.You can use any network 3g,4g, and even a public fake wifi. It will help you a lot.

vpn for ipad iphone

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How to use VPN on iPhone:

  • All of above download the VPN app.
  • Click the + icon to import the new profile.
  • Enter the username (in this example: User ID) and password.
  • Tap the connection slide to connect.
  • Now you are available on the VPN.

There are a lot of ways of using the Virtual Private Network but this is the easiest way of using the Virtual Private Network.

How to use OpenVPN with Mac OS X:

  • Download, mount, and open an OpenVPN installer for Mac popular OpenVPN for Mac OS X is just similar to OpenVPN Connect.
  • Install OpenVPN Connect.
  • Your VPN provider will supply you with OpenVPN configuration files (.ovpn). Follow its directions on how to find these, and then download them onto your Mac.
  • Now you have installed OpenVPN Connect, you will see an orange icon with an “X” on it in your menu bar.
  • Click the open VPN connect icon.

Virtual Private Network is the fabulous app for iPhone or IOS users it can save your data from others.You can use any public internet without any problems even the network is good or not.After reading my article you can easily download and use VPN (Virtual Private Network).
Stay blessed!

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