Various iPad models have become more expensive in European countries causing difficulties for customers

Depending on the region, European customers will start paying more to buy Apple’s newer and older iPad models. These price increases have occurred for a variety of reasons, and none of them have made life easier for potential buyers.

A strong dollar could be responsible for this increase, the price of the iPad mini 6 has increased by up to 21%

Apple’s latest low-cost iPad, chronologically called the iPad 10, launched in the US for $449, but for European buyers that’s a different story. 9to5Mac reports that the same tablet costs £499 for the base model in the UK, while in other European countries prices start from €579 or €589, depending on where you live. Since the newer model is still aimed at budget-conscious consumers, it shouldn’t come at a premium price where people start to have second thoughts about buying.

Unfortunately, rising spending has eroded the purchasing power of UK and EU residents, and with iPad prices rising, the situation doesn’t look positive either way. The iPad 10 wasn’t the only model to see a price hike, with MacRumors reporting that in the UK the base model iPad mini 6 with 64GB of internal storage will now set you back £569, up from £479 earlier today. .

The 256GB model costs £749, down from £619. Looking at the comparison, the price of the base model has increased by 18%, while the higher storage configuration is now 21% more expensive. In Italy, the 64GB and 256GB ‌iPad mini‌ 6 models cost €659 and €859, respectively. Previously, the same versions were priced at €559 and €729. If you do the math, that’s an 18% increase.

One conclusion drawn from these price increases is that the dollar is gaining momentum, appreciating against the pound and the euro. As this creates a disparity between the three currencies, Apple will most likely charge a higher price to customers in other regions to maintain dollar profit margins, which would explain why some iPad models have become more expensive. Since the UK and other European countries also collect VAT, these costs are factored in, making the total seem higher.

For customers outside of the United States, will this affect your purchase decision in any way? Tell us in the comments.

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