Two key iPhone features work even when the battery is dead – here’s how to use them

If you’ve ever gone to order a cab home after a night out and couldn’t make it, you’ll know the pain of a dead phone battery.

Companies like Apple spend millions of dollars each year developing new, more powerful batteries that last all day.

Of course, anyone who’s used their phone for an extended period of time will probably tell you that you’re lucky to get 24 hours on a single charge.

Luckily, even if your iPhone runs out of battery, some essential features will still work without the need for a charger.

“Find My” app can still keep an eye on your iPhone for a few hours after the battery runs out

The worst case scenario when it comes to running out of phone battery is misplacing or losing your device and letting the battery run out.

Luckily, the “Find My” app still works even if your iPhone is turned off.

Apple has reportedly confirmed that “Find My” will work for several hours after an iPhone battery dies. This means that if someone steals your iPhone and turns it off, you can still track their location and either lock it, erase it, or tell the police.

It's also a great idea to take a charger with you wherever you go.
It’s also a great idea to take a charger with you wherever you go.

Another very important feature that works without any battery charge is “Express Card Transactions”.

The last two years have seen a boom in contactless payments, and the iPhone’s wireless NFC technology lets you use your device as a contactless card device.

This means you can still use the device to pay for things at the store or even use it as keys to your house or car.

All you need to do is make sure Express Mode is enabled through your iPhone settings.

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