Three amazing iPhone features coming to YOUR model this year revealed

IPHONE owners will be able to carry a digital version of their driver’s license as part of new features expected to arrive later this year.

The massive update is a dream for drivers who won’t need to remember their plastic card anymore – although not everyone will be able to take advantage of it right away.


Digital driving license

Some US states are put on the fast track, including Arizona and Georgia.

Brits will wait, as the UK government only announced late last year that it would be doing a digital trial.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency plans to first launch an app for learner drivers – meaning they will be able to flash their provisional licenses at the push of a button – before considering a full roll-out across the UK .

For now, Arizona and Georgia will be first on the list, followed by Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah.

From “early 2022”, people will not only be able to add their driving license, but also their identity card.

And given that Colorado, Delaware, Florida, and Louisiana already have their own digital apps, chances are they’ll follow soon after.

The licenses will be added to Apple’s Wallet feature, which the company says will be secure by providing driver status with photo verification.

Another major feature that should be coming to iPhone soon is the ability to receive payments from other people using contactless.

Although we’ve gotten used to the idea of ​​using Apple Pay to make purchases, the new update will give us the ability to send money the other way.

However, the feature is for small business owners, not for paying off a companion.

Finally, Apple is getting in tune with its classical side, with plans to launch a classical music app later this year.

It comes after the company acquired classic streaming giant Primephonic.

New features expected to come to iPhone later this year


New features expected to come to iPhone later this yearCredit: Alamy

In other news, Apple revealed a bunch of new iPhone emoji, including a pregnant man and two sassy symbols.

Experts have warned that future space launches could be jeopardized if “dumb” regimes like Russia don’t stop blasting the skies creating debris.

And the most popular phone for the millennium was unveiled, and many were shocked to learn that it wasn’t an iPhone.

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