These refurbished iPad models are on sale for up to 65% off their regular price


Apple last month unveiled its latest iPad Pro model, which has a new improved screen as well as a faster processor. The upgrades are comparable to any Apple product, but even with these innovations, they’re generally no better than last year’s model… or the year before.

IPads keep getting better, but the world’s most popular tablet has a plethora of varieties dating back to recent years, almost all of them more than enough devices for anyone looking for a reliable tablet. And buyers end up paying a fraction of the new price, to boot.

Right now, you can get a certified used and refurbished iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, or iPad Pro, all at costs well below their regular retail price.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad 2, 9.7 “, 16GB – Black (Refurbished: WiFi only) – $ 79.99; originally $ 170

The original iPad flavor is still the gold standard for modern tablets. And whether you turn to an 8th generation iPad ($ 379.99; originally $ 429) that rolled off the factory line last year or revert to an iPad 2 made in 2011, the users will always have a tablet imbued with all solid performance and sleek style. of a portable Apple product.

From the iPad 2’s dual-core A5 processor to the A12 Bionic chip giving the 8th generation iPad its blazingly fast “console-level” processor performance, each offers enough power to multitask effortlessly. Meanwhile, you’ll find that the cameras on the tablets have improved slightly as well, ranging from a 5 MP rear camera in the iPad 2, iPad 4 ($ 134.99; originally $ 199) and the iPad 5 ($ 289.99; originally $ 299), up to an 8MP version in the 5th ($ 270; originally $ 399), 7th, and 8th generation models.

Buyers can also choose from 16GB or 32GB of storage with these perfect entry-level tablets, each guaranteed to arrive in perfect working order with a charging cable and nothing more than slight imperfections or scratches. .

Apple iPad 7th Generation, 10.2 “, 32GB – Space Gray Bundle (Refurbished: WiFi + 4G unlocked) – $ 379.99; originally $ 559

While most of these refurbished models are Wi-Fi only, the 7th generation iPad designed in 2019 also comes with cellular connectivity, ready to be added to any full 4G service plan for a full functionality on the go. Each model also has Bluetooth connectivity with around 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

ipad air

Apple iPad Air, 16GB – Space Gray Bundle (Refurbished Category B: Wi-Fi only) – $ 169.99; originally $ 499

The iPad Air is a bit thinner and lighter than a regular version of the iPad, but it also packs a bit more processor power than its big brother. Whether you’re going with a 2013 iPad Air or 2014 iPad Air 2 ($ 220; originally $ 499), each is run by an Apple A7 or A8 processor respectively for downloading your favorite apps, browsing, and streaming from the web. , and securely save photos and folders.

Speaking of space, it’s usually your biggest decision among these varieties of iPad Air, ranging from a base 16GB storage space to positively spacious 128GB models. These versions are also 4G compatible with the AT&T ($ 239; originally $ 399) and Verizon ($ 239; originally $ 399) service networks, making them very easy to add immediately to your service plans. data and put it into use. Not to mention, you can choose between a sleek silver ($ 289; originally $ 339) or a luxurious space gray ($ 299.99; originally $ 399) depending on your style.

ipad mini

Apple iPad Mini 1st Generation, 16GB – Black (Refurbished: WiFi) – $ 114.99; originally $ 199

The iPad Mini instantly makes users think it’s… well, tiny. And while this tablet might fit a bit easier in your hand with the slightly smaller 7.9-inch screen size, don’t let that smaller size fool you into thinking this is tech. lesser.

Produced between 2012 and 2015, these first four iPad Mini models were – and are – terrific tools for almost any portable business you need. Again, cameras range from the 5MP rear cameras in the Mini, Mini 2 ($ 174.99; originally $ 300) and Mini 3 ($ 249.99; originally $ 300), all the way up to 8MP in the Mini 4 ($ 355; originally $ 499). This version also offers 1080p video capture, face detection, video stabilization, focus and all kinds of advanced recording features.

Again, storage size will likely be your decision maker among these varieties, from the efficient 16GB of the Mini and Mini 2 to the more extensive storage capacities of the 64GB Mini 3 or 128GB Mini 4.

iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro, 9.7 “, 128GB – Space Gray (Refurbished: Wi-Fi only) – $ 359; originally $ 749

Finally, the iPad Pro packs all of the features and capabilities Apple could fit into a tablet – and these vintage 2015 and 2016 Pros are still great, even by 2021 standards. Designed for heavy tablet users, graphic designers and artists to heavy-duty video streamers, these Pros have either a 2.26GHz dual-core processor or Apple’s A9X sports chip, both more than ready to handle tasks that most tablet users would simply leave to their office.

Apple iPad Pro, 12.9 “, 32GB – Space Gray (Refurbished: WiFi only) – $ 499.99; originally $ 699

While the standard 9.7-inch display comes with 128GB of storage, real artists might just want to upgrade to the Pro with a positively gigantic 12.9-inch display. The screen is so big, you’ll feel like you’re holding a display screen in your hands, even though the entire tablet only weighs around 1.5 lbs. For those who need to sweat over every visual detail or for users who want an enlarged canvas for watching videos that don’t require you to squint, this model might be a try.

Prices subject to change.


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