These Features Make an iPhone Amazing and Can Make Your Life Easier

Apple iPhone Features: The abundance of features on the iPhone can sometimes be too much for some users. Apple’s smartphone comes with a ton of useful features that you might never experience if you haven’t been told about them. For this reason, we’ve chosen ten fantastic features that new and seasoned iPhone users should use.

The top five features of Apple’s iPhone:


If you’re tired of being interrupted by spammers or unknown callers, you can completely stop all incoming calls from them. After selecting “Phone” from the Settings menu, scroll down and enable the “Silence unknown callers” setting.

Once enabled, all incoming calls from numbers that are not in your contact list will be forwarded to voicemail unanswered. You can still see silent alerts related to calls if your iPhone is unlocked.


You can quickly access your screen brightness controls, Wi-Fi settings, system volume, and media playback with Control Center.

To customize Control Center, open Settings and choose “Control Center”. There, you can change shortcuts for several Control Center utilities, including Apple TV Remote, Flashlight, Timer, Calculator, Low Power Mode, and more. It is advantageous!

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3. DO NOT DISTURB: Using Do Not Disturb Mode, which is part of the “Focus” feature, is a great method to turn off all your alerts when you don’t want to be distracted. You can schedule it to turn on and off automatically when you use Control Center or Settings > Focus, or you can turn it on manually.

When turned on, your iPhone won’t vibrate or ring when a call comes in, and you won’t receive any notification alerts. Using the control center, you can turn it off instantly at any time.

4. airdrop:

Via AirDrop, you can quickly send photos, movies, and other files from your iPhone to anyone with nearby Apple devices. The AirDrop option is in the share menu and works locally via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

To use it, open the Share Sheet in almost any app by tapping the square with the arrow sticking out of it, then select the AirDrop icon, which looks like a group of concentric circles with a corner cut out. Your files will be sent wirelessly to the other device once you choose the recipient.

When you master the use of AirDrop, which must be enabled and properly configured on both devices, you will wonder why transferring data between devices has not been so easy.


If you find that your battery is running out of battery before the end of the day, you can extend its life by switching to low power mode. When your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, background processes are disabled, screen brightness is reduced, and the screen dims faster when idle.

Enable “Low Power Mode”, go to “Settings”, tap “Battery”, then launch the program. You can also designate a Control Center shortcut to make it easier to switch between high and low power modes.

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