These are the iPhone (and iPad) models compatible with the new AirPods 3

these are the iphone (and ipad) models compatible with the

When new material arrives on a platform, first tWe all take it for granted that it will work just fine almost anywhere to which we connect it but, unfortunately, several times it is not like that. And the latter is precisely what happens when you check out the fine print of what Apple announced yesterday about its new wireless headphones.

The third generation AirPods take a leap in terms of quality over the previous two models and, in addition to the redesigned design reminiscent of the AirPods Pro, it acquires some of the most relevant functions of them. For example the presence of spatial audio or its compatibility with content certified with Dolby Atmos. Now do you know if they will work on your current iPhone or iPad?

The list of limitations is coming

Just take a look at the own support page Apple posted yesterday to see what compatible phones do not reach the beginning of the Cupertino era. It stops long after. So much so that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s will not be compatible with these third generation Airpods, in addition to some iPads. This is the case with the second and third generation iPad Mini and the sixth generation iPod Touch.

New Third Generation AirPods.

The reasons Apple uses to make this decision are hidden in this AirPods 3 are not compatible with iOS 13 because the presence of certain functions that are only available in the following versions is required, namely iOS 14 and iOS 15. More precisely, the notes published by the company speak of shared audio which allows two users to listen to the same music we play from a single terminal.

The truth is that, despite the limitations, the list of incompatible devices is not too recent especially in the case of iPhones, which have a shorter lifespan and are replaced every few years than, say, an iPad, where users endure more years with them. Therefore, of the whole list of iPads that will stop working, the Mini models are the most problematic for those users who still have them for watching movies, series, listening to music or the like.

Remember that these new third generation AirPods you already have them available to book at the Apple Store with delivery dates for next week.


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