These 3 new iPhone features will amaze you – from money to music, find out what they can do for you

Apple is working on iOS 15.4 update and is about to deliver three new iPhone features to users, including more features in Apple Music, Wallet App and NFC payment

After releasing iOS 15.3 on January 26, Apple has started working on iOS 15.4 which will be released later this year. And if rumors are to be believed, this new update will bring you three new iPhone features. These new features will see changes to the Wallet app, Apple Music and the inclusion of new NFC payment technology. And not only that, there will be some minor feature expansions and their use case will be increased. So read on to find out everything that could happen to you with this new update.

The Apple iOS 15.4 update is currently in beta and is only available to developers. Apple has been busy working on various updates for its devices. Recently, it added the Universal Control feature for Mac on macOS 12.3 and iPad on iPadOS 15.4 beta versions. This feature allows the keyboard and cursor on a single iPad or Mac to control each other or even control multiple devices seamlessly. It seems that now Apple is focusing on iOS and integrating some cool features for iPhone users. According to a report per MacRumors, this update should be officially available later this year.

New iPhone Features Coming in iOS 15.4

1. Wallet App to integrate driving license

In 2021, Apple announced this new iPhone feature and said it would be rolling out to residents of select US states. And it will be one of the new features to arrive with iOS 15.4. Using this, users can add their driver’s license to the Wallet app on iPhone and Apple Watch. This will provide users with a convenient, contactless way to prove their identity and age. According to Apple, users can present this mode of identification first in certain airports and it will be followed by other locations such as retail stores and sites. The feature is also expected to roll out to India soon. Since the Indian government already accepts digital ID in most cases, its integration with the Wallet app will be smooth.

2. NFC payments for iPhone

It was reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman a while ago. Apparently, Apple is working on a new payment service that will allow iPhones to accept one-click payments with debit or credit cards. This will be possible thanks to the NFC chip already present in iPhones. So, all a user has to do is let the person making the payment tap the iPhone with the card and an instant transfer will take place. Whether it will be a standalone feature or part of Apple Pay remains to be seen.

3. Apple Music: classical music streaming

In 2021, Apple acquired classical music streaming platform Primephonic. During the announcement, Apple said it plans to release a classical music streaming app in 2022 that will bring out the best features of Primephonic and be added with more features and benefits. It remains to be seen whether it will come bundled with Apple Music or cost more.

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