The Sportlink announces an affordable waterproof case for the latest iPhone series

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A new Magsafe waterproof case for iPhone 13 is the waterproof case for iphone people need to protect their iPhone without sacrificing functionality. It is made of PC and TPU materials which provide maximum protection for iPhone against water or rain damage while working with Apple MagSafe accessories. Moreover, it has a built-in screen protector that prevents scratches on the iPhone screen. The case itself is designed with an anti-slip grip and allows users to grip their phone as they normally would without any extra effort to hold it. The waterproof seal works well enough to prevent rain or splashing water from entering the phone.

A Sportlink store representative explained, “The Magsafe waterproof case is suitable for various iPhone models such as iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. This phone case is the best protection for your iPhone against splashing water or rain. In addition, it also works with various Apple MagSafe accessories!Made of silicone and polycarbonate, the case is ultra-thin and lightweight, giving you the protection you need in a slim profile.The cutouts at the top and bottom of the phone case allow you to use all the ports while protecting your phone.The touch sensitivity of the screen is also not hampered by this protective case!The waterproof cases are available in different colors so that you can combine them with your style according to your needs.

In addition, Sportlink EasyMount is a universal phone holder solution that allows smartphone users to quickly attach their phone to any Sportlink phone mount. The company offers various phone holders suitable for the EasyMount. They have phone holders such as car phone holders, motorcycle phone holders and bicycle phone holders. Other products can also be combined with the Sportlink phone holder, such as running armband, gooseneck phone holder, belt clip holster and wall phone holder. Smartphone users can find the best mounts to meet their needs, whether they want to use their phone while doing certain activities like biking, golfing, running, driving, or any other comparable activity!

In addition, the Sportlink cell phone holder is a car holder with a waterproof case for the iPhone. It is very convenient to use and protect your phone, you can watch videos while driving or using GPS. The product is made with high quality materials and easy to install or remove. Sportlink cell phone holder has a slim and elegant design, it is very convenient to use and protect your phone. It can rotate 360 ​​degrees to easily adjust the viewing angle.

A Sportlink representative explained, “The Sportlink cell phone holder is made of high quality materials, it is very safe and easy to use. There are mounting screws with rubber pad in the bottom which can keep your devices steady. It is designed for most smartphones in the market, you can adjust it for different devices by pressing the button on the back of the holder.

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