The best Black Friday deals on Apple MacBook laptops and Mac desktops [Updated]

Best Buy has a number of Black Friday deals on Apple MacBook laptops and iMac desktops.

[Update: Apple once again zigs where others zag, giving out store gift cards as its Black Friday special rather than reducing prices. You will get a $150 Apple gift card with the purchase of most Macs, though the new MacBook Pro is a notable exception. Mac Mall has also released its Black Friday deals, which take various amounts off numerous Mac configurations such as $127 off the base MacBook if you choose rose gold. It also offers $270 off the base Mac Pro and $360 off the step-up config, both the lowest prices we’ve seen on those systems.]

Apple doesn’t really like discounts, especially when it comes to its computers, which are still much more expensive than most Windows PCs. As hard as it is to find iPad specials on Black Friday, it’s even harder to locate MacBooks and iMacs sales. If you’re planning on buying a Mac on this shopping vacation, however, we’ve listed a handful of deals below.

We will update this when and if new offers arise. Also note that some of these sales won’t be available online or will disappear quickly, so you may have to endure all the pain of Black Friday shopping to grab one.

Apple MacBook Air

Relatively speaking, Apple’s cheapest laptop is now limited to a 13.3in version, with the 11in model being discontinued. Best Buy is removing $ 200 from the base configuration, lowering the price to $ 799. It also offers the same amount at the $ 1,199 version with double the solid-state storage, as does regional retailer Fry’s. If you want to upgrade to a Core i7 processor, B&H Photo takes between $ 100 and $ 200 off, depending on the specific configuration.

Apple MacBook

The most design-conscious Apple laptop receives little discount love from Best Buy, which sells it at regular price. You’ll have to rely on Amazon and B&H, both of which take $ 100 off the two base models (regular prices $ 1,299 and $ 1,599, respectively) and B&H slashes $ 150 off the more expensive configuration with an update. Core m7 processor.

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple just updated its laptop to pro-grade, which means you probably won’t see deals on the controversial refresh for more than a few dollars. Again, the exceptions are Amazon and B&H Photo, both of which cut the base 13-inch version by $ 100. B&H Photo also offers discounts ranging from $ 100 to $ 200 on additional 13-inch configurations, but does not offer any promotions on the 15-inch MacBook Pro. On the flip side, there will be plenty of price drops on now-discontinued configurations, so if you don’t want the latest and greatest MacBook Pro, now’s your chance to save on older hardware.

Apple Mac mini

The cheapest Mac of all, the diminutive mini hasn’t been updated in a while and doesn’t receive a lot of discounts. Best Buy has deals that slightly lower the price of the base version by $ 499 ($ ​​37 off) and the upgraded version ($ 29 off), but you’ll have better luck thanks to Amazon taking away $ 70. on the base configuration or the most expensive model (normally $ 999). B&H matches Amazon’s savings, but slashes the middle edition from $ 699 by $ 100.

Apple iMac

Apple’s popular all-in-one is currently available in three distinct versions (21.5in, 21.5in with Retina 4k display, 27in with Retina 5k display), all of which have offerings available from the same sources. as above. Best Buy has the best price on the cheaper version, the 21.5-inch system that normally costs $ 1,099 gets a $ 200 rebate. By comparison, B&H only offers $ 100 off, but takes away $ 120 from the setup price of $ 1,299. It also does a bit better on the base iMac Retina 4k, slashing the price of $ 1,499 by $ 150 while Best Buy is offering $ 100 off.

Amazon is joining the other two retailers in slashing the base Retina 5k model by $ 200, dropping the price to $ 1,599. Best Buy also has sales on the other 5k setups, taking $ 100 from the mid-range edition and $ 156 from the high-end edition. You’ll have better luck at B&H, as it takes away $ 170 and $ 250 respectively on the same models.

Apple Mac Pro

You don’t buy a Mac Pro if you’re looking to save money, but just because you can spend at least $ 2,999 on a computer doesn’t mean you wouldn’t appreciate a discount if you could. get. Amazon and B&H are taking a hundred dollars off the price of the base model – Best Buy has offered the same price cut, but is sold out online – while B&H is slashing the most expensive edition by $ 300 which regularly costs $ 3,999.

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