the 5 best new iPhone features so far

  • Apple’s iOS 14 update is packed with new iPhone features that touch almost every aspect of the operating system, from Apple apps to the home screen, privacy and more.
  • After using the software for a full day, I discovered a few new features that were immediately useful and noticeable.
  • Among the biggest are the updates Apple has made to the home screen, making it easier to see information at a glance and analyze my giant library of apps.
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Apple’s next major iPhone update won’t officially launch until the fall, but the company made an early version of its iOS 14 software available for free through its beta program on Thursday.

When it launches, iOS 14 will bring lots of changes to the iPhone, from the way the Home screen looks, to improved privacy controls, to new ways to use apps, and more.

I’ve been using the iOS 14 beta for an entire day, and while it will take some time to explore all (or even most) of the new additions, there are a few immediate changes that stuck out to me right after. the upgrade. .

The biggest takeaway is that Apple is doing a lot more to help us deal with the deluge of apps flooding our iPhones’ home screens. The company has done this by adding tools to manage the amount of apps installed on our phones, and also by creating new ways to access parts of apps when we need them.

Here’s a quick rundown of the immediate changes I’ve noticed in iOS 14 so far.

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