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Every iPhone launch is followed by a battle between Android and iPhone fans, with each side claiming the other has copied features. While the two platforms indeed seem to have “inspired” each other from time to time, they remain very different from each other. They still have a lot to learn from each other. In fact, we really wish Android would copy these six features from the iPhone:

Secure Face Unlock

Apple brought secure face unlock to the iPhone with the iPhone X in 2017. It’s now 2022, and there are barely a handful of Android phones that have this feature. Almost all of them have some sort of face unlock, but almost none of them are secure. In fact, when setting up face unlock on Android devices, we are often warned that the fingerprint reader is much more secure.

A notch that does something beyond selfies

Alright, that follows on from the first point but is actually important enough to merit a point on its own. Many Android phone makers mocked the iPhone X notch when it was released. And then, as is often the case, they all copied it. However, while the notch on the iPhone had a clear function – to enable Face ID – the notches on Android have mainly been to house the selfie camera. As Apple adds more to its notch with Dynamic Island, we really hope Android brands will notch Android phones in addition to taking selfies.

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Make data privacy a big deal

Yes, we know there are even ads on iPhone apps, but Android is way ahead in this regard. It’s only now that the operating system has forced apps to ask for permission before sending you notifications or sharing data. Given the world we live in and the increasing fragility of data, we want Android to make data privacy as important as the iPhone (Privacy. It’s the iPhone!).

data privacy

Video calls from phone app

It might have seemed like a minor feature at the end of 2019, but with the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, video calling has become a very important part of our lives. And while making a video call from iPhone to iPhone is as simple as opening the default phone app and choosing FaceTime, the default Android phone app still doesn’t support video calls, even whether Google has its own Duo app for this purpose. It’s 2022 and it’s about time the phone app gave you the ability to make voice and video calls, unless you wanted to use a third-party app.

Data consumed for 1 hour of videoconference on Skype, Microsoft team, Google Hangout, Slack?

No RAM and battery specs

We really want that to happen. Yes, we hear about RAM and battery numbers on iPhones when iPhones are opened by tech experts and reviewers, but Apple itself never gives out RAM and battery numbers for iPhones (other than in terms of hours for the battery). Android phone brands, on the other hand, spend a lot of time on these two specs, and even worse, they tend to define them by numbers rather than actual performance. No, we don’t see that happening, but it would be great if some brands did. Android is more than numbers.

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battery specifications

We can’t let any iPhone vs Android debate pass without making this point. Android has been around for over a decade and its update record is frankly pathetic. While a large number of iPhone users already have iOS 16, at the time of writing no phones have launched with Android 13, and only Pixel users in India have access to Android updates. Android 13 on their devices. Many brands with Android skins don’t even have the same version of the skin on their portfolio phones. We really believe that if Android could come close to iOS in this department, the gap between iOS and Android would disappear.

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