PaydayNow: Impact Analysis of COVID-19 on the Mobile Satellite Phone Market

The spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic has had some minor disruption to mobile cell phones. A lot of market players in the sector of mobile satellite phones are implementing methods of development, including the introduction of new products in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, in April 2020 Inmarsat Global Limited, a UK company, which is a mobile satellite communications company has announced that it had have installed IsatPhone two satellite phones to aid India’s National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC), India for the coordination of India’s response to COVID-19.

Additionally, there are companies such as Iridium Communications Inc., an American firm that is an expert in satellite communications, and announced on the 10th of October, 2020 stated that they would see an increase of 26% during periods of a pandemic. This type of scenario could lead to huge opportunities for mobile satellite phones after the COVID-19 pandemic is now cured.

Mobile Satellite Phone Market:

The market demand for satellite phones is increasing due to their capability to be used for defense purposes to handle emergencies that require the use of a mobile network alternative. Mobile satellite phones are employed by a variety of government organizations including those in North America. Based on PaydayNow research, it was in June 2018 that the U.S Air Force announced that they had given 130 million in funding to SpaceX the American aerospace – and space transport firm, for the launch of 52 satellites by 2020 to support The Air Force Space Command Satellite (AFSPC). These essential elements are expected to drive up the need for new and new and innovative satellite phones. This will increase the expansion of the market for mobile satellite phones during the next review phase.

The absence of security staff, as well as the restriction on satellite phones in a variety of countries, could slow the growth of the market worldwide.

The market for mobile cell phones is expanding rapidly due to the rapid increase in the amount of satellite mobile phones. Additionally, the hybrid satellite phones that double as smartphones and satellite phones are experiencing increased usage as they reduce the cost of purchasing two phones for customers. This scenario is likely to create huge opportunities for the market over the next years.

Based on the kind of service offered by the market it is classified into GEO and LEO satellite telephones. GEO sub-segment for mobile satellite phones is expected to experience a rapid and rapid growth rate and is expected to bring in revenues that exceed $3,453.9 million by 2027. This is based on the projected timeframe.

Based on the type of application and applications, the market is divided into government and defense as well as aerospace maritime, and much more. The maritime segment of the smartphone market is anticipated to increase rapidly and will have an enormous market share. It is anticipated to grow to $1280.4 million by 2027, with the number of subscribers growing from $952.9 million in the year 2019.

It is estimated that the North American mobile satellite phone market was valued at $1,257.2 million in 2019 and is projected to bring in annual revenues of $1,621.2 million in 2027.

The top players in the marketplace for satellite mobile phones are Globalstar, Ericsson, Inmarsat, Iridium Communications Inc. Thuraya Telecommunications EchoStar Corporation Intelsat, AT&T, and PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH, as well as Telstra.

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