Older iPad models will soon be able to run Linux

Apple devices have one of the best software support programs on the market, but after 5-6 years, even they go without software updates. Fortunately, there is now a community of developers who want to breathe new life into discontinued devices, such as older iPad models. So those who have 2013 and 2014 models, like the iPad Air and iPad Air 2, or their mini models, will soon be able to install Linux on them in the postmarketOS distribution.

iPad users will be able to disable iOS/iPadOS for postmarketOS Linux version

postmarketOS is a version of Linux based on the Alpine distribution. This, as the name suggests, is designed to allow devices that no longer receive official support from manufacturers to have a “post-market” life and can run newer software. Linux doesn’t compare to iOS or iPadOS in terms of compatible apps available in the App Store, but it gives you the freedom to access unlimited hardware and run software originally designed for computers.

PostmarketOS compatibility, originally designed for Android tablets, was developed by developer Konrad Dybcio and a Linux enthusiast who works online as “quaack723”. They used the checkm8 vulnerability, discovered a few years ago, to access the hardware of iPad models with Apple A7 and A8 processors, and to install the new operating system. It looks like this method could work on postmarketOS Linux and for smartphone models like the iPhone 5S, or even replace the original Apple software on the HomePod smart speaker, which uses the same A8 processor.

I have already seen various projects trying to get Android on the iPhone and even a Linux distro for ARM processors running on new MacBook models with M1 processors. However, all of these projects are still in their infancy and will take some time to become fully operational. However, it is gratifying that such projects exist and that there is hope that after Apple forgoes updates to these models, there will still be a way to keep them “alive” using open-source software.

source: Ars Technica

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