New iPhone Features – IBM Power Players – Twitter Suspends Representative.

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1. Apple’s next iPhone will include new video and photo features. Scheduled for release in October, the new iPhone will feature a video version of Portrait mode and filters using artificial intelligence. Here’s what we know about the next iPhone.

2. Twitter suspended Marjorie Taylor Greene for seven days. Twitter has suspended the Georgia representative for misinformation about vaccines, The New York Times reports. Learn more about Greene’s fourth ‘strike’ – and potentially the last.

3. We have the original Android pitch deck that was used before Google bought the startup. Google paid $ 50 million for Android in 2005, then turned it into the best smartphone operating system – see the pitch deck it used to court Google. Plus, check out our database of pitch decks from companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Postmates.

4. This writer’s first trip in an electric car was almost a disaster, but he would buy one anyway. On a trip from New York to Vermont, he encountered a fast-draining battery and a few charging stations. He explains why the experience does not take him away from owning an EV.

5. Remote work leads managers to rethink the well-being of the company. A startup CEO even hired his full-time personal trainer to give exercise classes and nutritional advice to staff during

. Here’s how tech companies are reorganizing post-pandemic benefits.

6. Netflix wants you to get started with its blockbuster reality TV shows. Do you want to be in the limelight? The streaming giant has just launched an open casting for 12 of its biggest shows, including “Too Hot to Handle” and “Love is Blind”. Here’s how to apply in less than a minute.

7. Amazon will pay up to $ 1,000 to those injured by defective products from third-party sellers. Beginning September 1, Amazon will compensate U.S. customers who are injured or whose property is damaged by third-party sellers. More on that here.

8. Google will block ad targeting based on the age and gender of teens. The changes come as Google and other tech giants, like Instagram, come under pressure to add protections for young users. Find out what else the company is doing to protect children.

9. A team of 20 powerful players help IBM CEO to overthrow the 110-year-old tech titan. The group is helping Arvind Krishna implement a massive cloud turnaround strategy as part of a leadership reshuffle. Meet the leaders who are helping transform IBM into a hybrid cloud superpower.

10. BitClout’s anonymous founder raised at least $ 40 million from VC heavyweights. While people wondered if the platform was really the future of crypto, its founder secured millions of investments from companies like Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital. Here’s why VCs played on BitClout.

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