MX Player for iPhone, Install MX Player on iPad

Mx Player on iPad/iPhone

It is the best player because it supports more power fact. It is the more powerful and advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle supports. It comes to very cool features that are given below,

Multi-core Decoding:
Mx player is the first android and iOS player that can easily support multi-core decoding. When we test the performance between dual-core and single-core devices so the performance of a dual core is 70% better than single-core devices. And MX player working in a dual core is more smooth and faster than single-core devices.

Subtitle Gestures:
Mx player is the very great app that gives us some cool subtitle gestures like scroll forward or backward to move to next or previous text, up/down to move text up and down, Zoom in or zoom out to change text size. You can also access these subtitle formats easily the formats are given below,

DVD, DVB, SSA OR ASS subtitle tracks.
Substation Alpha with full stability
SAMI with ruby text support
Sub viewer 2.0

But keep in mind needs your permissions are in the following categories:
Access Photos, Media, FIles to read you all media files on your storage. Other app capabilities to checking your network status, streaming, controlling Bluetooth devices and torch feedback and blocking keys with kid lock features.

mx player for ipad iphone

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Mx Player Kids Lock:

Mx player introduces the kids lock features. This feature keeps you kid entertained without having to take worry that they can make calls or touch your important doc. and other applications.

Hardware Acceleration:
Mx player provides you a hardware acceleration with the help of its new HW+decoder that gives you a better quality and speed of videos without any lagging.

Latest Version:
In this version 1.9.8 and is updated on Sep 18, 2017, the Foundation fix playback issues with some protocols. And improve non-smooth playback of videos.fixed background play always resumes despite the setting. Fixed AVI files start at random position. fixed black screen in split screen mode. fixed playback failure of some local m3u playlists. fixed blank space on the top of the medial screen.


Audio Boost:
If you love the audio so in the MX player you can boost your audio up to 200% so you can easily and there’s nothing you to worry about. You can boost your movie volume up to 200%. And it is very easy to use it also play music and has a volume booster inside the app to make your media louder if you wish.

Play Network Stream:
It supports WiFi network streams with a lot of useful features. ad in front of video only shows while paused on the free version but you can get the full version if it starts irritating you.

How To Download It On iPhone:

If you want to download MX player so you have to follow these simple steps:

  • From your iPhone open app store on the home screen of your device.
  • Search for MX player app in the app store.
  • Tap get an icon and start to download it.
  • After download taps the MX player on your device to sign in and enjoy it.

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