MovieBox for iPhone, Install Movie Box on iPad

MovieBox for iPad/iPhone

A movie box is a type of home-based video player that was actually produced specifically for rental at video stores. It is very easy to operate and it could only be used for the playbacks This application named with Movie Box enabled for those peoples who did not own their own video recorders to rent video clips and the video industry is helped by this application for revolutionizing. In 1980 at Norway Movie Box usually used for renting around 50 Kroner.

Its Video is the inventor of Movie Box in 1983 in Sweden. Moviebox had its own heyday not in the first half but in the second half of the 1980s and early 1990s. Most of its machines were exist or happening in many places or among many people but this is not enough because it was still rented in the late 1990s. In 2011, the new version was invented by Jimmy Joccumsen and it was Norwegian Technical Museum. But after its invention, the most disadvantage is that it became a favorite target for thieves because this Movie box helped thieves on its launch an anti-theft machine with Movie Box Pro but rapidly it became useless after the end of the rental period.This application can be used in ANDROID / iOS / PC.

This application named with Movie Box is also very useful for those people who love to enjoy their time with the films. Some software which can support this application is as following,
iOS 8.4
iOS 8.3
Included iPod touch, iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s Plus or 7 Plus and iPad Air/Air 2 or other models.

moviebox for ipad iphone

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Download and Install Movie Box on iPhone/iPad

Here we teach you that how to download MOVIE BOX on your iPhone, there are two methods which are as following

First of all, you have to download a software which is known as “vShare”. When you download it completely go to install the software, now when you install it go to the search bar and type “MOVIE BOX”. When you find this MOVIE BOX application install it properly. If this method doesn’t work so follow our second method.

First of all update or modify the date on your device because you have to make the difference at least one year (1 year) back like 10 of October 2016. After that find all the links which are located on the link below according to your OS. Now install an application on iOS and beneath versions. Download it for iOS 7, 8 or later versions.After this, you will see a web page and greenish “install” button after tapping on it they will ask you for the permission for fetching that application which developed by unknown developers.Then they will ask you for the password and you need to enter” movie box” on that bar for the installation.

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