Microsoft slams Apple’s MacBook laptops in new ad

  • Microsoft’s latest ad for its Surface laptop features a man named Mac Book, which is short for his full name Mackenzie.
  • The ad attacks Apple’s MacBook laptops by saying that Surface computers run faster, last longer, and have touch screens.
  • Apple and Microsoft have long faced each other through video ads.
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Microsoft really wants you to believe that its computers are better than Apple’s, so it hired a man named “Mac Book” to convince you.

In the business latest Surface ad, a narrator asks a man named Mackenzie Book (Mac for short) a series of questions about the comparison between Microsoft’s laptop and Apple’s. It asks questions like which laptop lasts longer, which is faster, and which has a better touchscreen. And of course, Book chooses the Surface every time.

“You should get a Surface,” he says at the end of the video. “Believe me, I’m Mac Book.”

Apple MacBook laptops don’t have a touchscreen, unless you factor in the Touch Bar above the keyboard on some MacBook Pro models.

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Apple and Microsoft have a long history of getting hit with their computer ads. Who could forget the iconic Apple Get a Mac campaign from the early 2000s with Justin Long and John Hodgman? These ads positioned Mac as the cool brand whose laptops offer better performance and are much easier to set up than PCs.

Microsoft postponed its own advertising campaign to 2008 and 2009. One such a commercial showed the diversity of people who actually use Windows, an effort to move away from the stuffy office worker character John Hodgman played in Apple’s commercials.

Watch the video below to see Microsoft’s latest anti-Apple ad featuring “Mac Book”.

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