MacBook Laptops With M1 Processor Have Internal Components Similar To Intel Models, iFixit Teardown Reveals

MacBook models equipped with Apple’s M1 processor went through the iFixit teardown process which shows that the internal components haven’t changed much compared to Intel models. The iFixit team notes that these new MacBook models are “less accessible for upgrades and repairs.” MacBook Air with Apple Silicon has mostly the same configuration for components as the previous generation model, except for the fan which has been removed. MacBook Pro with M1 processor has even fewer changes compared to the previous generation model.

Apple announced the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini powered by its M1 internal processor earlier this month. The company claimed significant performance improvements with lower power consumption compared to previous models powered by Intel processors. But, internally, not much seems to have changed. I fix it demolished the two new laptops and found that the internal layout was about the same for MacBook Air, even more so for MacBook Pro.

From the M1-powered MacBook Air, the biggest change was the exclusion of the cooling fan, which was replaced with a simple aluminum heat sink. This means that there is no more active cooling for the components, but it also allows for quiet operation, less maintenance and less chance of mechanical failure. iFixit also notes that there is a new battery model with “slightly different specifications”.

As for the M1 powered MacBook Pro, the cooling system is very similar to that of the Intel-based predecessor. A copper pipe conducts heat from the processor to a small heat sink, where hot air is expelled by the fan. The fan is also identical to the one found in the 2020 MacBook Pro.

The M1 processor is built on a 5 nanometer process, has eight processor cores and an integrated GPU with seven or eight cores. RAM is also built into the processor and Apple calls it Unified Memory Architecture or UMA.

The M1 powered MacBook Air starts at Rs. 92,900 while the M1 powered MacBook Pro starts at Rs. 1,22,900. Mac mini starts from Rs. 64,900.

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