Life Clips Subsidiary Cognitive Apps to Benefit Apple iPhone Features to Help Detect Depression and Cognitive Decline

Apple is working with UCLA and Biogen to see if daily activity data already collected by its iPhone could signal mental health issues; Cognitive Apps AI-Driven Speech-Based Mental Health Analytics Platform Measures, Understands, and Improves Mental Health

AVENTURA, Fla., October 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Life Clips, Inc. (OTC Pink: LCLP) (the “Company”), believes that Apple’s recently announced partnerships with Biogen and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) to use iPhone data to assess mental health parallels the work of Life Clips cognitive application software solutions.

Dr Manideep Gopishetty, CEO and Co-Founder of Cognitive Apps, said: “Just as Apple is working to develop algorithms that will allow iPhone to assess mental health status, Cognitive Apps is currently working on technologies for ‘AI to identify warning signs of mental health problems. Cognitive Apps has developed revolutionary voice biomarkers that will enable early intervention with preventive care to determine the underlying causes of stress, anxiety and burnout and suggest an appropriate treatment plan for cases that require attention. Dr Gopishetty continued: “While all of this is currently being researched, the prospect of such advances in mental health is very exciting. Apple’s launch gives a tremendous boost to the mental health industry market that is beneficial to every player in the market. We feel like we’re all on the same side here. “

A recent Wall Street Journal report discussed Apple’s development of algorithms that will allow iPhone to assess mental health status using collected activity, sleep and phone usage data. by sensors.I Cognitive Apps expects this research to add additional validity to its AI-powered, speech-based mental health analysis platform.

The Apple Biogen study involves the iPhones and Apple Watches of approximately 20,000 participants to establish data points that can be used to track brain function over time. The ultimate goal is to identify signs of mild cognitive impairment, which can eventually progress to Alzheimer’s disease while it is in its early stages. Meanwhile, Apple’s study with UCLA will involve 3,000 participants and focus on detecting conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression by analyzing physical qualities, as well as mental health indicators. such as emotions, focus, energy level and state of mind. Biogen manufactures the Alzheimer’s disease drug Aduhelm. In 2019, Apple conducted a study with Eli Lilly which found that patients already diagnosed with mild dementia or cognitive impairment typed more slowly on their smartphones than those in the control group. The study also found that these people sent fewer text messages and used “help apps” like the clock more often. The Cognitive Apps solution is not limited to a single platform. The product is available on Apple and Android devices.

In an effort to make its diagnostic tool more accurate, Cognitive Apps uses voice biomarkers and analyzes context to detect emotions and general mental state. Cognitive Apps technology, which is already on the market, offers a powerful diagnostic tool for a wide range of mental health issues, from stress and burnout to depression, anxiety, PTSD, post-depression. -partum and Alzheimer’s disease.

Similar to the metrics Apple is studying, Mindstrong Health has raised more than $ 150 million for the development of an app that searches for discrepancies in user swipes, taps, and keystrokes to identify changes in behavior and function. cognitive. In August, Altoida was granted breakthrough device status from the FDA for its Alzheimer’s disease prediction app, which claims its AI-based analyzes of cognitive test results can detect whether a case of mild cognitive impairment degenerate into Alzheimer’s within a year.

Robert Grinberg, CEO and President of Life Clips, Inc. said, “Apple sees the opportunity we see in mental health monitoring and hopes they can use their iPhones to detect conditions such as depression, anxiety and cognitive decline. entering the mental health industry and using their enormous resources to tackle social anxiety and depression as a big win for Cognitive Apps and Life Clips. . “

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Life Clips is the parent company of Belfrics Global and Cognitive Apps Software Solutions Inc. Belfrics Global is a Malaysia-based blockchain provider and cryptocurrency exchange and platform that is authorized and regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA ), Malaysia. With 10 operational offices in 8 countries, Belfrics’ multi-functional trading platform offers digital assets, cryptocurrencies and crypto derivative contracts to its clients. Belfrics blockchain has been recognized by Gartner as one of the top 10 blockchains in terms of actual projects and has been granted a patent for its Belrium KYC (BKVS) verification system by the Nigerian Patent Authority. Cognitive Apps is disrupting the mental health space with its AI-powered, speech-based mental health analytics platform that enables companies to measure, understand and improve the mental well-being of their employees , patients and clients. Aiki offers CBT and IPT therapies using a chatbot that includes the Yuru voice analysis solution which takes into account other health data from Apple and Google HealthKit to perform a more accurate analysis of its health mental. Aiki was developed to capitalize on the trend of artificial intelligence platforms being used by employers to raise awareness about employee mental health. Yuru from Cognitive Apps is a 3-in-1 tool developed by a team of licensed psychotherapists that uses voice biomarkers to screen for the early signs of mental health issues, such as stress and depression. Yuru is available on the Apple App Store.

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