iPhone Features to Help Study

iPhone Features to Help Study

Modern gadgets are ideal for facilitating your educational process. For example, thanks to smartphones, you can simplify many processes and get information faster. Let’s say you are an iPhone owner and want to use such a device 100%. But what should you pay attention to first? What iPhone features can help you study? Here are the key nuances that deserve your attention.

Take photos of notes

One of the most obvious features is to take a photo of any object or document. You need to activate the camera and take a picture of notes, book, journal or any research. Let’s say your teacher has drawn a flowchart or graph on the blackboard. What if you write slowly and don’t have time to take notes? Then you just need to take a photo and copy the important information at home.

However, sometimes this tip isn’t obvious, or students don’t have time to take a picture for some reason. In this case, you can use school help. It would be illogical to receive a low grade for your homework because you forgot something. But first you should read reviews on educably.com because not all writing services are created equal.

Automatic mathematical calculations

Remember that iPhone is just a smartphone with basic functions. All of the great educational features are app related. Some of them, like Photomath, can help you with formulas, equations, and graphs. For example, you can take a photo of part of your notebook, and the smartphone will automatically give you the correct answer and all the data you can write down. This option is more than handy for those who don’t like algebra, geometry or trigonometry. In addition, you will learn the whole process of finding the right number. This option is therefore comparable to tutoring.

Quick information search

One of the most important features of any iPhone is access to the World Wide Web. Suppose you don’t know the answer to a question and you want to get some relevant information in the next few minutes. You need to open Safari and enter the search query. Typically, you won’t need more than 1-5 minutes to find the correct answer. The web search option is very important for students who want to know more. This is why modern smartphones are not much different from computers for web browsing.


If you want to boost your academic performance, you need to plan your activities. First, you need to use an alarm clock to wake up on time. Set a schedule and allocate enough time to take notes, research information, and write articles. By choosing different ringtones for notifications, you will always know what task you need to complete. Usually, this rigorous approach to completing assignments will help you succeed, regardless of the type of educational institution.

Document scanning

You already know that iPhones are great for taking photos. But what if you need PDF files? You need to activate the camera and select the “scan documents” option in such a case. As a result, you will take a photo and automatically convert the JPG file to PDF. It will be easier to add such documents to educational software or combine them into one large PDF file. This feature is especially handy when you need to take a picture of each book page and not be confused by the number of files.

Shared albums

Imagine you stayed home for some reason and you don’t know what notes your friends took during the conference. You can ask them to take some photos for you in such a case. The fact is that in iCloud it is possible to create shared photo albums and add images with a click. You need to take your iPhone and open the shared folder to find important information.

audio timer

Many students listen to audiobooks for convenience. Additionally, many people perceive audio lectures better than words and sentences written on paper. But what if you decide to listen to an audiobook before bed? You can fall asleep without listening to at least the first five paragraphs. That’s why you should use a music timer. For example, 30-40 minutes is enough to learn something new and not overload your brain.

It is perfect for conferences and webinars

These days, webinars are very popular, as quarantine restrictions and other nuances prevent students from congregating in one place. With your iPhone, you can connect to webinars and streams. Now you won’t miss any important information and can improve your academic performance.

All the above features are very convenient for students. Plus, dozens of awesome apps will greatly enhance your educational experience. All you need to do is make a list and download these software to help you get high marks.

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