IPhone 2022 series reportedly uses components from Samsung to make 10x periscope zoom lenses

The 2022 iPhone lineup is far from reaching customers, but if you want to experience unprecedented zoom levels like never before, you’ll have to wait awhile to see these handsets in action. Apple is expected to source parts from Samsung to allow new models to zoom up to ten times the normal level without compromising image quality, according to a new report.

Currently, optical zoom on the latest iPhones is limited to 2.5x

The latest report from The Elec talks about Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics division, supplying actuators and lenses to LG. In turn, LG would use these components to make Apple’s folded camera or periscope. The report says the move should help Apple maintain its business relationship with LG and avoid any future legal battles over patent issues.

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It’s disappointing that Android’s flagship smartphones offer 5x-10x zoom capabilities, while Apple is stuck with 2.5x optical zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. While we can agree that Apple prefers quality and waits for technology to mature before using it on its devices, it’s about time we saw improved zoom capabilities offered on these models. After all, if you’re paying a premium, we should expect some progress in the camera department, not that the iPhone 12’s optics are terrible in any way.

In related news, the iPhone 13 Pro Max due to arrive next year could be one of Apple’s first models to support 8K video recording. Other than that, Apple could incorporate an anamorphic lens that will introduce improved stability when recording any footage, showing that the tech giant takes smartphone video capture very seriously.

While that’s all the information we have for you right now, let us know in the comments what else you’d like to see from the iPhone 2022 series? We’re sure our readers have prepared a comprehensive list, so let us know below.

Image credits – iFixit

News source: L’Elec

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