iOS 16 Release – Most Wanted New iPhone Features Coming This Fall

iOS 16 launch date is only two months away, it has been confirmed this week – and the rumor mill kicks in. The latest iPhone operating system is announced every year at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is confirmed for June 6. During the three days of WWDC, there should be plenty of news about what Apple fans can expect from iOS 16 when it releases this fall.

There’s no doubt that iOS 16 will be feature-rich, and many of them will focus on iPhone security and privacy. Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 15, has already shaken up the market with iPhone privacy features, including App Privacy Reports, Email Privacy Protection and Big Apple Mail Improvements. This comes after the infamous App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature of iOS 14 which is already facebook cost Dear.

iOS 15 security features include Face ID while wear a mask and multiple improvements to the iCloud Keychain password manager.

As for iOS 16, frankly, we can’t confirm exactly what new privacy and security features for iPhone are coming. But make no mistake, they will come and it’s likely that Apple will focus on beating rivals such as Facebook with more privacy and transparency on the iPhone.

iOS 16 Most Wanted Features – The Security Update Cycle

Of course, Apple’s security update cycle is better than Google’s Android – users of the latter operating system often have to wait months for updates. Since Apple owns the iPhone software and hardware, iOS updates can be released faster. That’s the theory of course, but as I mentioned before, automatic iOS updates can take weeks to reach iPhones. This means that the only way to stay safe is to stay on top of iOS updates and manually apply them yourself.

Independent security researcher Sean Wright thinks that should change in iOS 16. get it as soon as possible.”

He points out that many recent iPhone vulnerabilities, such as the one patched in iOS 15.4.1, have been exploited by attackers. “Reducing the time between update availability and installation will ultimately be a win for Apple users.”

If automatic updates can’t be faster, I’d like to see some sort of pop-up in iOS 16 alerting people that a security update is available so they can apply it manually.

Most Wanted iOS 16 – security support for older iOS versions

Another important consideration of iOS 16 is support for older versions of the operating system. When Apple released iOS 15, it also updated iOS 14 with important security fixes. It stopped a few months ago, but Apple will likely reintroduce the feature when the new iOS 16 launches.

“Some users still prefer to stick with older versions, at least for a while, so having proper support would be helpful,” says Wright.

iOS 16 Most Wanted Features – More App Privacy Features to Beat Facebook

When iOS 16 comes out, it will no doubt include a bunch of new privacy features – and Apple has done well in this area so far. Features like The App Privacy Report were “a good first step,” but Apple needs to go further, says Andrew Fam, CTO, Straits Interactive.

The App Privacy report lets you see the permissions you’ve granted to apps so you can revoke them if needed. It also lets you see who is following you on your iPhone.

Fam believes people should be able to understand exactly what an app developer did with data such as “whether it was collected outside of your phone, stored, manipulated, or sold.”

He also thinks Apple should work as a “conduit and facilitator” between developers and users to offer downloads or deletions of your data through a feature in iOS 16.

iOS 16 Most Wanted – Secure Funding

Apple is already starting to play in finance with its Apple Card, and iOS 16 will likely build on that. “Apple will need to lay the groundwork for iOS 16 to securely manage transactions, manage data, and connect to various APIs and cloud services,” says Raj Shah, TMT manager at digital transformation company Publicis Sapient.

While he concedes that none of this is new – apps such as Square have been doing this for years – he says: “When Apple enters a space, it uses its control over the device and system to to create more seamless, secure, and robust experiences that an app can enable. Most of this will likely be under the hood, but it will configure Apple’s devices to handle not only financial data, but also health data (Apple’s other long-term game).”

iOS 16 Most Wanted – more accessible and visible privacy controls, enabled by default

Apple has introduced a bunch of privacy controls over the past couple of years, but they’re not always visible on people’s iPhones or turned on by default. Let’s take the app privacy report as an example, which is hidden deep in the iPhone’s privacy settings. Eugene Kolodenker, senior security intelligence engineer at Lookout, wants the report to be separated into a separate app, so it’s “better displayed for the user.”

He also wants Apple to make some of the privacy protections currently off by default or limited to premium subscriptions “on by default for all iOS users.”

He cites the example of Private Relay, which hides your IP address from websites you visit and from requests for websites and content from your ISP, making it harder for people to track.

iOS 16 Most Wanted Features – General Improvements

So when is iOS 16 coming out? Going back to previous years, it will be released this fall when Apple announces its new line of iPhones. Not long to wait.

Meanwhile, there are also general iOS-based improvements that people would like to see. Forbes’ Davey Winder asks for more similarities to Android – “the best of both on one platform” – which he calls “iOSDroid”.

“I would like to see more personalization, more protection, better native apps and definitely more interactivity,” says Nicky Danino, senior lecturer in computer science at the University of Central Lancashire.

There will definitely be more iPhone privacy improvements, and maybe iOS 16 will even come with the ability to unsend iMessages that Apple fans have been waiting for years. I’ll keep you up-to-date. Just click the Follow button at the top of my profile to stay up to date with all the latest security and privacy news from Apple.

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