IOS 15 leak just revealed key new iPhone features – and the new iPad home screen

While many of us are anxiously awaiting the release of iOS 14.5, Apple’s iOS 15 isn’t too far off either. In fact, we expect to find out more about it this summer at Apple’s WWDC event, where the company will explain what we can expect in the next full version of iOS.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is preparing to make a series of improvements in the next update. These include a redesign of how users interact with notifications, the addition of widgets to the iPad home screen, an updated lock screen, and privacy adjustments.

iOS 15 should include some nice redesigns of notifications. You will be able to configure filters based on your status (like sleeping, driving, working, etc.) and tell iOS how you want notifications to appear during those statuses.

Basically you tell your phone if you want things to ring and other granular control options. You can also configure automatic responses based on these statuses. You can do this while driving in iOS 14, but it would be great to see this feature extended to other statuses.

In other big news, Bloomberg reports that the iPadOS 15 will include Home screen widgets, which will likely have an equally big impact on how users interact with their tablets. The publication even claims that this update will be “the most important update to the home screen of the device since the first launch of the product in 2010”.

That’s not all. iOS 15 should also give you access to a new menu for viewing app privacy information. Here you’ll be able to see what information your installed apps collect about you, much like the privacy labels you’ll find in the App Store.

Apple wants to tackle WhatsApp and plans to do so by adding more social features to iMessage. What exactly it is remains unknown, but Bloomberg says Apple will discuss its plans later.

Finally, Bloomberg says macOS, watchOS, and tvOS will all receive minor updates.

While we have a few months to wait to hear about iOS 15 in full, this is the first deluge of information on what to expect. Very few things are as stunning as iOS 14 has come to be, but the updated notification filters and iPadOS Home screen widgets are still good to see.

We’re just around the corner with iOS 14.5, a huge update that will bring a lot of additional features including unlocking with Apple Watch and Podcast app updates. Stay tuned for it.

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