iOS 15: All New iPhone Features Announced

iOS 15 updates: In the WWDC 2021 keynote, Apple removed iOS 15. iOS 15 is the next major software update for the iPhone. Although compared to iOS 14 at first glance, it may not seem so exciting, but users still have a lot to do. Whether it’s an update to the Apple app or a new take on notifications, iOS 15 can deliver plenty of features.

It’s safe to say that last year’s iOS 14 update was one of the most exciting Apple updates in quite some time. It really helps in app library, home screen widgets, picture in picture and tons of other features.

Of course, this put a lot of pressure on Apple, forcing it to release another major iOS 15 update. While there aren’t many drastic UI changes this time around, iOS 15 still offers plenty of benefits and can keep people busy for another. year.

Let’s start with one of the biggest updates: notifications. iOS notifications have always been one of the biggest problems, and in iOS 15, Apple thinks it has finally fixed that problem. Notifications now include more app icons.

Large contact pictures are used for messages and are automatically sorted based on “device intelligence” priority. In addition to custom notifications, iOS 15 also has a Notification Digest, which groups less important notifications into a large pile, so users can quickly categorize app alerts that don’t need to be addressed. at once.

Another important update is the tune-up. In addition to the “Do Not Disturb” and “Sleep” functions introduced in iOS 14, Focus also has “Personal” and “Work” modes, allowing users to switch between different home screen settings depending on the active mode.

For example, in work mode, someone can prevent the home screen from displaying all the work apps/widgets they need. On the other hand, you can create a family mode to hide work-related apps and show commonly used apps at home. Users can also create custom focus modes for the gym, the grocery store, or anywhere else that suits their lifestyle.

iOS 15 upgrades Safari, Apple Maps, Facetime and more


Like all iOS updates, iOS 15 also includes a large number of Apple app updates. FaceTime got most of the band’s attention, including support for spatial audio, new microphone mode, portrait orientation, scheduled FaceTime calls, and the ability to make FaceTime calls using URL so Android and Windows users can join the call.

FaceTime has also received a new SharePlay API, which allows participants in a FaceTime call to watch a movie/TV show or listen to a song at the same time. With Apple completely redesigning the app for iOS 15, we still have a lot to look forward to.

The URL is now at the bottom of the screen. Users can navigate between tags by dragging the tab bar. There are Safari Tag Groups and Extensions. Users can customize the homepage to create a more personalized browsing experience.

Do you use Apple Maps for navigation? There is also good news. iOS 15 adds more detail to selected cities and 3D streets make it easier to navigate while driving around town. Apple Wallet will also receive important updates.

The app will support driver’s license/cards. ID card, hotel room key, smart lock key and ID card/employee card. Apple has also redesigned the Weather app, added shortcuts and mentions to Apple Notes, Apple Photos has a new Memories interface.

In other words, iOS 15 is a massive update. It might be as exciting as iOS 14, but there’s no denying that Apple is bringing this latest feature-packed update to all types of users. A compatible iPhone will be released this fall, and the public beta will begin in July.

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