iOS 15.4 – Brilliant New iPhone Features Coming Soon

Details about Apple’s iOS 15.4 iPhone update are already emerging, on the heels of the iOS 15.3 released Last week. And the next version of Apple’s iPhone software comes with brilliant security upgrades.

The most exciting iOS 15.4 security update, in my opinion, is an update to Apple’s password manager, the iCloud Keychain. In iOS 15.4 beta, Keychain has been enhanced to allow you to add notes to a password you have already created. This can include security questions or your previous passwords, all doubly protected by your iPhone’s Face ID or Touch ID.

The key to a good password manager is ease of use and simplicity, says Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET. He points out that “the vast majority of people still don’t use a password manager”, giving Apple “an untapped market with huge potential”.

“Signing in with Apple and hiding your email address have both improved the sign-in process dramatically for many, but this new feature in iOS 15.4 could make the process even smoother,” Moore says.

Still, he points out that the iPhone maker’s password manager doesn’t work on all platforms. “Those who own both PC and Apple products may wonder if a third-party manager could still be smarter.”

It’s clear that Apple is catching up with its iOS 15.4 Keychain update – password managers like Last pass already let you store notes, but that’s still exciting to me. Anything that improves iPhone security is a good thing, especially if it encourages people to use a password manager in the first place.

iOS 15.4 will let you open your iPhone while wearing a mask

The other cool new feature in iOS 15.4 is the ability to open your iPhone while wearing a mask, without your Apple Watch. Yes, I understand – this feature is way too late, we needed it two years ago. Touch ID on last year’s iPhone models would also have been a nice touch.

Even so, people still wearing masks in stores, iOS 15.4 update to Face ID will be very helpful when paying with your iPhone. The only question is its security – the feature will only scan part of your face, so logic would tell you it’s not as secure as full Face ID.

But iOS 15.4’s Face ID update adds convenience, and since Apple has been working on it for so long, we can assume it’s still pretty secure.

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