iOS 15.2 coming soon | 9+ new iPhone features and changes

After a six-week beta cycle, it looks like Apple is finally gearing up to release iOS 15.2 to the public later this month, with the final version of the Developer Release Candidate yesterday.

Release Candidates, or “RC” versions, are the last step in the beta cycle of a new version of the Apple operating system. These are sent out to developers and beta testers a week or two before public release to ensure there are no major bugs.

For all intents and purposes, an RC version is down to the bit the same as what will become the public version. Assuming all goes well, what the developers and public beta testers are getting this week is exactly what everyone will be getting later this month. Only once in the history of iOS / iPadOS has Apple had to withdraw a candidate version to make critical fixes.

Since the RC is the same as the final version of iOS, Apple is packing it the same as well, which means all the official release notes are out now, giving us a glimpse of what we can do. expect us in iOS 15.2. While much of this was revealed in previous beta releases, the release notes make these features official and often include one or two other new features. Read on for everything coming to iOS 15.2!

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