iOS 15.2—3 Amazing New iPhone Features Just Arrived

It’s finally here: Apple’s iOS 15.2 update has just arrived, along with some amazing new features that boost iPhone privacy. The iOS 15.2 update is Apple’s biggest iOS 15 operating system upgrade yet, mainly because it introduces the app privacy report.

In case you didn’t know, iOS 15.2’s new app privacy report is an accessible, easy-to-read report that tells you what permissions apps have accessed and how often. It builds on the popular iPhone manufacturer’s app tracking transparency feature by letting you know which apps have been tracking you and when. Using the new iOS 15.2 feature, you can then revoke permissions, delete apps, and remove tracking permissions based on the report. Pretty neat, eh?

Originally launched in iOS 15, the app’s privacy report was previously unreadable unless you were an advanced user, making the feature pretty useless. This is no longer the case, so settle down on your iPhone now and download iOS 15.2 to try it out.

Other privacy features in iOS 15.2

The app privacy report is just the start of exciting new features launched in iOS 15.2. The iPhone upgrade also comes with an add-on to Hide My Email, which lets you hide your email address right from your Apple Mail app.

This new iOS 15.2 feature is also super easy to use – and improves privacy – because it means you can hide your real email address from marketers. You still receive the emails on your iPhone, but if you revoke the fake email address that Apple created, their spam will simply disappear.

Once you’ve downloaded iOS 15.2, this feature can be accessed by going to your Mail app, composing an email, and then tapping the Cc / Bcc field. The option to use Hide my email will appear there.

Last but not least, Apple makes it easier to visualize AirTags likely to follow you in iOS 15.2. Just go to the Find My app, and they’ll show up under “Articles That Can Follow Me.”

So what are you waiting for? There’s no need to wait – in fact, it’s best not to because iOS 15.2 will likely come with some important security updates. To download iOS 15.2, go to your iPhone’s Settings> General> Software Update and follow the instructions.

Check back to my page for more information on the iOS 15.2 security update and how-to and demos.

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