How to Fix the Most Annoying iPhone Features in iOS 16

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iOS 16 is packed with awesome new features, from ability to instantly copy subject from images to a whole new Customizable lock screen with widgets. But when it comes to new OS releases, perfection doesn’t exist. While the new version is full of cool stuff, there are also a few quirks in it…so if you’ve recently updated your iPhone to iOS 16, take the time to consider disabling some of these features.

Remove the glaring search icon

We get it, Spotlight is awesome. But it’s also just a sweep. iOS 16 replaced the dots on the home screen page with a search icon, and if you don’t like it (you’re not alone here), Apple has a setting to revert to the old ways. Go to Settings > Homepageand some Look for section, disable “Show on home screen”.

Go back to old lock screen notifications

Apple fundamentally changed the lock screen with iOS 16, including the notification system, which now appears at the bottom of the screen. It’s a great move, and the notifications are easier to reach…but on the other hand, they’re all mixed up in one pile, and you have to swipe to see it all.

iOS 16 has an option to see all notifications as a list, like things worked in iOS 15 and before. If you want to go back, go to Settings > Notice > Show as and change the default to “Listing.” After that, all notifications will appear again as a list, one after another, just below the time.

Prevent the side button from ending calls randomly

If you press the side/power button on your iPhone, the call ends instantly. Although this is a nice feature for some, it is way too easy to accidentally press. If you find yourself ending calls randomly by flicking the side button, there’s an option to turn it off: go to Settings > Accessibility > To touch and activate “Prevent lock to end call” for some peace of mind.

Prevent personal photos from appearing everywhere

Apple takes a look at Featured Photos: Your iPhone displays photos of you, your family, and your pets everywhere on iOS, including in widgets, the For You page in Photos, Spotlight search, and even when you create a new lock. Filter. While some of us love these constant windows into our lives, others might find them overkill, especially when iOS keeps sharing photos you’d rather not see. You can stop the feature, if you wish, by going to Settings > Pictures and disable”View Featured Content.”


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