How to Clear Cache on Windows and MacBook Laptops or PCs

If your laptop has become slow or is consuming more storage, it may be due to cache files. Cache is a temporarily stored data file that helps your computer speed up the process. This is the data that is stored when you ran a program the previous time. This is done so that if you run the program again, it won’t take much time to launch and process.

However, cache files slow down your laptop and consume storage space. You can delete them without any hesitation as they are temporary files and will not affect anything on your PC. Let’s see how you can delete cache files on Windows or Mac laptop.

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How to Clear Cache on Windows Laptop?

Cache can be cleared on a Windows laptop in two ways – through Disk Cleanup and Storage settings. Here’s how to use both methods to clean temporary cache files on a Windows laptop.

Using Disk Cleanup Application

  1. Open your desktop, click on the start menu, then type “disk cleanup”.
  2. Press Enter and a pop-up window will appear.
  3. Make sure the name of the pop-up window is Disk Cleanup for (C:). Once confirmed, select the temporary files. You can also tag other files accordingly.
  4. Click OK and all marked files will be erased in seconds from your Windows laptop.

Using storage settings

  1. Go to Windows Settings on your PC. You can press Windows key + I to open the option faster.
  2. Click on System and find the storage option in the left menu.
  3. Open the Storage menu and on the right side of the screen, click Configure Storage Sense or Run it now.
  4. Now a new screen will appear where you need to check the Delete temporary files box.
  5. At the bottom, click Clean Now and all your temporary files will be deleted.

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How do I clear cache on a MacBook?

Deleting cache file on Mac laptop is not so simple and it will take more steps. However, once the temporary files are cleared, your computer will become faster. Here is how you can delete cache files on Mac laptop/PC.

  1. On the top left corner of your home screen, click on the Go to Finder section option.
  2. Scroll below and click on Go to Folder option.
  3. Now type Library/Caches/.
  4. Select all subfolders in the Cache section and delete them.
  5. Don’t forget to also delete all files from the Trash.

That’s it, your temporary files have been deleted from your Mac laptop.

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