How Apple’s Stunning New Features on iPhone Will Beat Facebook

Apple’s iOS 15 operating system is due to launch in a few weeks, and it comes with a bunch of jaw-dropping new iPhone features that will beat Facebook. It comes after a years-long battle between the iPhone maker and Mark Zuckerberg’s social network over privacy.

Admittedly, Apple hasn’t really covered itself in fame over the past couple of weeks, after it emerged that iOS 15 will also include child protection features in iMessage and iCloud photos that could harm your privacy. the Iphone. But it’s important to point out that iOS 15 still comes with some amazing new iPhone features that will help you avoid being tracked on your iPhone. Here’s what to watch out for.

New privacy dashboard

Apple’s iOS 15 will come with a new privacy dashboard, which builds on the feature already launched in iOS 14.5, App Tracking Transparency (ATT) which makes tracking on your iPhone only enabled. ATT was a blow to Facebook as the social network released full-page ads to try and shut down iPhone functionality, and it’s still complaining about it now.

The dashboard will show which apps are allowed to access data such as your photos, contacts, and mic, and how often they access it. A later version of iOS 15 will integrate more with ATT by showing who follows you on your iPhone and when.

iOS 15 ends email tracking

iOS 15 will also help end email tracking by marketers, who can place web beacons in emails to track how often people open a message, as well as other details like your. location via your IP address. Not anymore – a new iOS 15 feature will allow Apple email users to block marketers from accessing this information, all you need to do is sign up.

ICloud features like Private Relay

Another feature, Private Relay, will soon be available as part of Apple’s iCloud + offering. Once activated, it will allow iPhone users to avoid being profiled when using Apple’s Safari browser. Private Relay has been called VPN, but it’s much more than that: the feature prevents you from being tracked and profiled online, known as a fingerprint, through the use of multiple proxies that help keep you safe. private traffic.

iOS 15 raises the stakes with Facebook

The launch of iOS 14 was already a big blow to Facebook, and iOS 15 goes even further. For my part, I can’t wait to try out Apple’s new iPhone privacy features, so check out this space for more tutorials and demos.

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