Hidden iPhone Features That Will Amaze You! Check out the top 5 here

Using an iPhone? Know these features to make your tech life even easier. Here are the 5 main features:

There is no doubt that an iPhone is one of the most popular and talked about handsets in the world! From its camera to security features, all have been praised by its users. It is, of course, quite expensive, but you get plenty of features to cheer about. In fact, there are so many that an iPhone user may not even be aware of them. However, these features can certainly simplify the technical life of the owner. In researching these features on the iPhone, we came across a Reddit thread where users themselves revealed their favorite iPhone features. Here is the list of top 5 iPhone features:

Hardware mute switch

If you have a constant habit of keeping your phone silent, you can’t imagine the value of this feature. But the iPhone’s hardware mute switch with a color indicator can easily tell you if your phone is on silent or will disturb the whole room during an important meeting. Unfortunately, most Android device users do not benefit from this feature.

Tap the top bar and see where you are!

A good long article should keep you busy reading to the end, but getting back to the top of the page seems like such a chore! But thanks to the iPhone, there is a shortcut. Once you tap on the top bar of your window, you’ll quickly return to the top of the page – with just one click.

The Notes app also has a document scanner!

Many users don’t know this and end up downloading other apps to scan their documents. But the iPhone’s Notes app has been saving the document scanner for you for years! All you have to do is use it. It’s like a destination for your multiple needs. You can take notes and scan important documents and maps.

Hide my email

Yes, you heard right! But don’t worry, this is a new feature that just got updated with iOS 15 and most people don’t know about it. Hide My Email allows you to share a “burner” email account with any organization that requests your address, then it securely forwards all messages to your main inbox. If you want, you can hide your real email address from any companies you want to do business with. Isn’t that great?

Your iPhone is precious!

You bought an expensive iPhone and even after years it still has a good value. How, its resale value remains higher than that of other smartphones or technology products. Of course, if you keep your device in good condition to resell it after years of use, you can still recoup a good percentage of its original cost. Although not a feature, but a good point to remind you that your iPhone has great monetary value, even after years of service!

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