Hidden iPhone Features: Every Hack You Need To Know On Your Phone

An Australian tech blogger revealed that there is a little-known feature on iPhones which means you can use it as a “mini computer”.

IPhones have a ton of hidden features that you will never find unless you dig into your phone’s settings. There are so many additional tweaks you can play around with to make your phone more accessible and help you get the most out of your device.

Just in case you missed them, here are some of my favorite hidden features.


Did you know that you can touch the back of the iPhone near or above the Apple logo to perform commands? This feature is called “back press” and it works on iPhone 8s or later as long as your device is running iOS 14.

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Here’s how to activate it:

Go to Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Back Tap (located at the bottom of the menu)

Once in this menu, you will be able to assign a command corresponding to a double or a triple press on the back of your phone, for example Mute, Home, Screen capture, Decrease the volume, Increase the volume, Control center, etc. . It even (usually) works with iPhones that are in a case.


Not many people know you can do this, but you can basically turn your iPhone into a mini computer with this useful setting. You just have to know where to find it!

Go to Settings> Accessibility> Touch> AssistiveTouch (activate)> scroll to devices> Bluetooth devices> Pair your mouse

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The coolest part about it is that you can also pair a full size (or mini) computer keyboard to your phone, easily, in your usual Bluetooth settings to complete your new setup.


Go to Settings> Accessibility> Magnifier and turn on the switch

If you need to see something up close, you can use your device’s camera to magnify your surroundings.

Once you have enabled this option in the settings, a Magnifier app icon will appear in “Utilities” or “Recently Added”, otherwise, it is also possible to enable a triple click on the side button to start the magnifying glass. To exit, just swipe up or tap the home button.


Not to be confused with the magnifying glass, this feature allows you to magnify your screen, rather than your surroundings.

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To enable this, go to Settings> Accessibility> Zoom> enable

After enabling this feature, if you double-tap with three fingers on the screen, you activate the zoom function, and then you can do the same to deactivate it.


This feature is ridiculously handy. Once activated, you can swipe down at the bottom of your screen to bring the top of the screen closer to your range. This is useful for knocking down the Control Center without reaching all the way to the top of the screen.

Activate this feature by going to Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Accessibility> activate

While many of these features are useful for many different people, I would like to acknowledge that these features, under “accessibility settings”, are actually extremely important for people with disabilities.

Apple may have some reviews on their pricing and the designs of their phones, but they do offer some of the best accessibility features in their technology, and I think that’s pretty awesome.

Elly Awesome is an Australian Tech & Lifestyle Vlogger | @ellyawwesome | Youtube

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