Here is a list of missing iPhone features when launching iOS 16

Apple’s recent launch of iOS 16 brings a lot of changes to the iPhone, but there are still many features that we see on other Apple products and Android phones that don’t seem to be coming to iOS.

Here is a list of some of these features shared by a report.

Always-on display What we have: this could be in the code

Many Android phones have included an always-on display over the past decade, which takes advantage of OLED screens by only lighting up the pixels needed to display visible information like the time and certain notifications. Even though Apple has been using OLED screens since 2017’s iPhone X, there hasn’t been an implementation of this type of lock screen in iOS yet.

Group SMS

Apple’s iMessage in iOS 16 gains the ability to edit and recall messages that haven’t been viewed yet, but those improvements are still largely iPhone-only features that don’t advance the overall status text messaging in the telephone industry.

When it comes to texting to any other phone that isn’t an iPhone, iOS always reverts to the decades-old texting standard, which lacks conveniences like typing indicators and group texting. more fluid.


The odds of that happening are slimmer than ever, but there is hope for group chats between iPhone and Android phones. iOS 16 adds support for text message reactions, which currently arrive as a series of messages indicating how someone has “liked” or “liked” a message.

Instead, the Messages app will now translate them to the appropriate icon, much like it already does when each group chat participant uses an iPhone.

Split View on larger iPhone models

Apple’s iPad tablets have long included the ability to run two apps side by side, taking advantage of the larger screen. The iPad also gets its own multitasking boost with iPadOS 16 thanks to the new Stage Manager. Android phones also have the ability to run multiple apps at once. But on the iPhone, even with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and its 6.7-inch screen, it is not possible to use two applications at the same time.

Apple allows some limited multitasking on the iPhone, like viewing picture-in-picture video on top of another app, but it would be great to see the occasional condensed version of the Mail app alongside Safari or place the Calculator app next to a budgeting app.

New lock screen options

One of the great features of Android 12 is the ability to customize your entire phone theme, including custom colors for the notification drop-down menu. While iOS 16 brings more control to the lock screen, it would be a great next step to go a step further and allow themed tweaks that extend to notifications and the various settings menus.


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