Here are the first details of the 2022 iPhone series

The estimated date for the announcement of the iPhone 13 is just under three months, and most likely, the work on new products is done. The company is one step away from the start of production; and there should be no problem, as Apple has been straining component vendors earlier than usual. Hence the conclusion that the iPhone 13 series will be released on time. This means that nothing will stop the company from starting to create new iPhones on time.

Thanks to well-known insider Min-Chi Kuo, we’ve learned more about what Apple mobiles will offer next year. The third-generation iPhone SE will be the first to debut next year and is expected to be announced in the first quarter. Most likely, we are talking about March.

The iPhone SE 3 won’t offer anything revolutionary and drastically different. It will be the most affordable Apple 5G smartphone, where the same look of the iPhone 8 will be taken as a basis, and the last element belonging to our time will be given by the installation of the latest Apple A15 Bionic chip.

What will be the iPhone 2022: the analyst revealed a number of details

Kuo says the new ‌iPhone SE‌ 2022 will support 5G and include processor updates. The device will be positioned as “the cheapest 5G iPhone of all time”. The most affordable iPhone‌ with 5G currently is the iPhone 12 mini; so presumably the ‌iPhone SE‌ will be much more affordable than this device’s $ 699 price tag.

Naturally, next year will be no exception and the company will be launching a new generation of titles for iPhone. It is difficult to predict what they will be called. It will all depend on the name Apple chooses for this year’s iPhone.

Min-Chi Kuo says the Pro versions are guaranteed to get an under-display fingerprint scanner, but they won’t give up on the Face ID system, either. Oddly enough, it also confirms that the company will continue to experiment with the release of a compact version within the flagship series this year with the release of the successor to the iPhone 12 mini. Despite the fact that this model does not sell well and does not correspond at all to what the fans of the company wanted, it will once again be necessary to try to please them and save the idea of ​​launching a compact model.

Provide some details on the camera enhancements coming to the 2022 iPhones; Kuo says the high-end 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhones will feature an improved 48-megapixel wide-angle camera.

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