Here are some of our favorite new iPhone features in iOS 11.3

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Apple isn’t waiting for iOS 12 to bring major changes to your iPhone or iPad. Apple just released iOS 11.3, a mid-year update that brings nearly a dozen new features. It is now available via an over-the-air update. If you don’t see the update yet, it should appear soon. While you wait, be sure to check out our favorite new iOS 11.3 features.

Performance and battery checks

After Apple was accused of throttling older iPhones in December, the company promised to provide a software update to fix the problem. With the iOS 11.3 update, you can access battery status information in the Settings app. You can turn off the power management feature which tends to slow down the iPhone. Be warned, though, because disabling the power management feature on an iPhone with an older battery can cause your device to shut down unexpectedly. This is why Apple implemented the power management feature in the first place. Read our performance throttling guide to learn how to use this tool.

Purchase options for iPhone X

iphone face id

While Face ID on the iPhone X makes authentication incredibly simple, it does have a few downsides. One of them is the need to use a password every time you want to authenticate family purchases. The iOS 11.3 update finally fixes that oversight and lets you use Face ID to authorize any family purchases.

Medical records

If you’ve ever requested medical records from your doctor’s office, you’ll appreciate Apple’s decision to integrate the data from those records into the Health app. The iOS 11.3 update allows certain medical providers to transfer medical records directly to your iPhone, which means you have immediate access to your records. You can quickly check for updates or lab results from your provider. Although the number of providers is quite limited at this time, expect to see many more hospital systems joining in the not too distant future.

Enhanced Augmented Reality

Apple added some pretty significant augmented reality (AR) updates in iOS 11.3. For starters, the update lets you interact with certain objects and images. If you take a photo of a book, for example, you’ll see a rating and purchase information from Amazon. It’s an impressive update that reminds us a lot of Google Lens on Android smartphones.

New Animoji for iPhone X users

If you’re craving new Animojis, iOS 11.3 has you covered. With Apple’s latest update, you will find four new Animojis: a bear, a skull, a dragon and a lion are now part of the Animoji family. While you still won’t find the controversial, human-like AR emojis found on the Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple’s original alternatives tend to respond better to facial movements.

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