Here are 6 hidden iPhone features you’ll love

Given that we’re already in the 14th iteration of iOS, there’s a good chance Apple’s mobile operating system is full of hidden and useful features that you had no idea existed. It’s not much of a surprise, Apple, for some reason, doesn’t always announce some of the most useful features in iOS and instead leaves reviewers and users to figure them out for themselves.

Well, we’ve decided to make it a bit easier for you and compile some of the best features in iOS 14 that lurk in the shadows. Whether you are a new iPhone convert or a seasoned user, chances are you will find something surprising and useful in the list below.

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Change default email and browser apps

With iOS 14, Apple for the first time allowed users to change the default browser and email apps on their devices. So if you’re not a fan of mobile Safari or Apple’s standard email client, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this new feature.

If, for example, you want to make Chrome your default browser, just go to Settings> Chrome and then select the “Default browser app” setting. From there, you can specifically select Chrome and get started.

If you want to change your default email app, you can follow the same instructions by opening Settings, then scrolling to your preferred third-party email client, and then selecting the Default email app option.

Hide unused apps

If there’s an app that you rarely use but don’t want to remove completely, there is a way to hide it instead of removing it. This is a pretty nifty trick for apps you only use once in a blue moon, like travel or hotel apps, for example.

To enjoy it, long press on the app you want to hide and you’ll see an option that says Remove app at the bottom of a pop-up window. If you select this, you should see a “Delete app” or “Move to app library” option. If you select the latter, the application will be deleted as if by magic.

If you want to access apps from the app library, you just need to swipe to your last app page and then swipe left once more, after which they will all appear. The apps in the app library can also be accessed through search.

Tap your iPhone to trigger predetermined actions

With iOS 14, Apple implemented a new Back Tap feature that is buried in Accessibility settings. With the Back Tap feature, users can double or triple tap on the back of their device and in turn trigger some functions like take screenshot, mute your device, show action center , activate Siri, adjust the volume, etc.

The feature was designed for people with special accessibility needs, but should prove useful for all users.

To enable this feature, go to Settings, then open Accessibility Preferences. Then scroll down to the “Physics and Engine” heading and select “Touch”. Then scroll even further and tap on the “Back Tap” option.

From there, you will be able to define whether you want to activate Back Tap with a double or a triple tap. And, of course, you will also be able to designate the action you want to trigger when you call the Back Tap function to action.

It should be noted that the Back Tap feature should still work fine in most cases.

Make sure the audio level from your headphones is safe

iOS 14 includes a smart way to make sure your headphone volume is at a safe level. To get started, open the Settings app, then scroll down and select Control Center. From there, tap the green ‘plus’ icon next to the Audition setting. This will add a hearing icon to the Control Center the next time you open it.

The next time you’re listening to music or a podcast, open Control Center and you’ll see the audio levels next to the Audition icon. If the audio level is green, you are in a safe limit. If the audio level is yellow, you will see an exclamation mark gently urging you to lower the volume a little.

Better yet, you can tap the hearing icon from the control center, which will allow you to see the exact decibel level from your headphones.

Image source: Apple

Pin a text conversation for easy access

Apple has a long way to go if it is to make messages as good as WhatsApp is rumored to be. That said, Apple with iOS 14 Apple has started adding some cool features for power users to its messaging app.

As an example, iOS 14 lets you easily pin an SMS conversation to the top of the messaging app for easy access. To do this, all you need to do is open Messages and then search for the conversation you want to pin. Then long press on the recipient’s name and you will see an option to pin the name. Now when you open the Messages app, that particular conversation will stay at the top.

Get notified when someone mentions your name in a group message

If there’s a large group chat that you muted or grudgingly pay attention to, there’s a way to make sure you’re notified every time someone mentions your name.

To enable this feature, simply go to Settings> Messages and then select the “Notify Me” button. As detailed, this option, when enabled, will warn you “when your name is mentioned even if conversations are cut”.

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