Google Pixel 6 has one of the worst iPhone features ever

In a few days, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will complete their first month of availability. The devices became available at the end of October and also marked the official debut of Android 12 for older Pixel smartphones. As usual, the Pixel smartphone duo carry the issues and bugs that came with previous generations as well. Users are complaining about a slew of issues on the internet, ranging from slow fingerprint scanners to screen flickering issues. Now a new complaint is about new software not performing as expected.

According to the PhoneArena report, the experience with the Pixel 6 Pro is far from perfect. However, most of the problems encountered are probably software related. This is something Google can fix with one or two future software updates. Since the new handsets will have exceptional software support, software-related bugs shouldn’t be a big deal for users. However, they will still annoy some until the update comes.

Besides the issue of the fingerprint scanner under the screen, there is another major problem with smartphones. According to the report, this problem is more of a design flaw than a problem. Google made the wrong choices when implementing its one-handed mod. One-handed mode, which is one of the great novelties of Android 12, is not suitable. It may be customary advice, but we have to agree that his report has some consistency.

Google was inspired by Apple’s One-Handed mode

Android makers like Samsung and Huawei have introduced some interesting and useful One-Handed modes. However, it looks like Google just ripped off Apple’s iOS One-Handed Mode. Unlike other Android skins, Google sticks to the super simple, non-customizable approach that Apple uses with iOS. With Apple, you activate On-Handed mode or what App calls “Accessibility”, you just have to swipe down to the center of the bottom edge of the screen (Samsung borrowed it from iOS) or press twice on your home button if your iPhone has one.

With the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, or any device running Android 12, you swipe down to the center of the bottom edge of the screen. It will bring down the screen and there is nothing you can do that does not bring the smartphone back to full screen mode. Some apps will look buggy in this mod, and typing on a cat can give you a headache. With one-handed mode, you cannot type with one hand. You can’t see the home screen, and you can’t access the notification panel.

The Pixel 6 series won’t have a really useful one-handed mode for a while

Apparently, with one-handed mode, Google is trying to keep it simple. However, having the simple does not necessarily mean having the bare minimum. The magic of Android has always been to offer personalization. Unfortunately, over the years we have seen personalization become a matter for third party manufacturers. Google, on the other hand, seems to be in a race to make its smartphones “Android iPhones”.

We don’t think One-Handed Mode will get any better on Pixel smartphones. Finally, not with Android 12, maybe now that the feature is available we can see it getting better with future OS upgrades. However, hope still lies with third-party Android OEMs who can build their one-handed modes from scratch.

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