Google Maps update adds new iPhone features and toll pricing

Google Maps has been around forever, and now the company is add a host of new features which should have been in the app from the jump. For example, stop signs and traffic lights. The latest update will now show them along your planned route.

To help more users drive on unfamiliar roads, Google Maps is adding enhanced details like road markers to its interface. These include building outlines and other areas of interest. The app will also display familiar road structures such as medians and islands on the map.

Again, this is something Google should have implemented a long time ago. As Rakesh Agrawalformer Microsoft and Amazon product manager tweeted:

“About fucking time at traffic lights. Never understood that omission – especially considering 1/they’ve had the data forever. 2/the feature has been around in Japan for over a decade. 3/ Apple got it.

Another quality of life improvement is a feature that displays toll road prices. Prior to the update, Google Maps would only tell you whether a given route had tolls or not. Toll estimates will be displayed before users start navigating their trip.

Google says users can expect to see toll road prices in its Android and iOS apps later this month. Toll estimates will cover over 2,000 routes across the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia, with more countries to be added to the list soon.

Finally, Google introduced new travel widgets in the iPhone and iPad apps. New widgets let you access pinned rides right from your iOS home screen.

The widget also displays arrival time and suggested routes. Additionally, Google says you can reduce the size of the widget as well.

Finally, Google is giving the Apple Watch some love with some much-needed support. Apple Watch users can now search for a destination and get turn-by-turn directions right from their wrist – no phone needed.

The company says these new Google Maps updates should be rolling out within the next two weeks, so keep an eye on your app updates to see these recent changes.

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