Frustrating iOS 15 bug crashes one of the best iPhone features


Every year Apple releases a new version of its mobile operating system with a bunch of exciting changes. This year, iOS 15 introduced SharePlay for FaceTime, updated notifications, improved Maps and Weather apps, and Focus. These are all welcome additions to the iPhone ecosystem, but the update seems to have added as many bugs as it has new features. We’ve covered several already, but the hits keep coming. Now, iPhone 13 owners on iOS 15 have found an infuriating CarPlay bug.

As spotted by MacRumors, dozens of iPhone 13 owners on Apple’s support forums are each reporting the same CarPlay issue. When those who have an iPhone 13 running iOS 15 try to play music with CarPlay, the app crashes. This problem does not seem to affect older iPhone models. The only people reporting this iOS 15 bug are trying to use CarPlay with an iPhone 13.

Here’s an iPhone 13 Pro owner describing the issue in detail on the Apple Support forums:

I have an iPhone 13 Pro running the latest version of iOS 15. I have a 2019 RAV4 that runs CarPlay by plugging my phone into the USB port. When I plug my phone into my car, CarPlay starts normally. All of CarPlay’s features work normally except for two things. First: when you try to play music through Apple Music, CarPlay freezes and CarPlay restarts. Second: While on a phone call, the call will work normally until I end the call. When I end the call, CarPlay crashes and CarPlay restarts.

The CarPlay bug is perhaps the strangest iOS 15 bug yet just because of its uniqueness. As one internet user recounts, CarPlay worked as expected when using Google Maps or Apple Podcasts. But as soon as they opened Spotify or Apple Music and clicked on a song, CarPlay crashed.

Unlike some of the other annoying iOS 15 bugs that have popped up in recent weeks, there appears to be a fix in this case. Some users claim that disabling the equalizer (equalizer) prevents CarPlay from freezing. You can do this on your iPhone by going to Settings > Music > equalizer and typing Deactivated. Based on this Reddit thread, this unique tweak works for most people.

It’s unclear when Apple will fix this issue, but the company is apparently at least aware of it. On the MacRumors forums, an iOS user claims to have spoken to an Apple customer representative who revealed that the bug was “a widespread issue” and that there was no current timeline for a fix. With iOS 15.1 still in beta testing, this bug may be fixed before it’s made public.


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