Download Torrent on iPhone, iPad & iOS

Torrent on iPhone/iPad & iOS

Torrent was developed by BitTorrent. The program was designed for minimal computers. There are more than hundred million of Torrent users are in the world.On December 7, 2006, Torrent was purchased by BitTorrent.It was announced on their official forum. On September 18, 2007, BitTorrent 6.0 was released. Although previous versions of the BitTorrent client had been open source software, it has been closed source since version 6.On the date, April 2017 the owner announced Bram Cohen announced that next version of the torrent is a web browser. Torrent is available for Windows, Android and for iOS also.

uTorrent is a file sharing peer-to-peer protocol. It is realized in 2005 and it developed by Ludvig Strigeus, since December 7, 2006, the code is owned and maintained under bit torrent and it maintained under BitTorrent. As the basis of version 6.0 and he makes re-branded version of uTorrent and all versions are written in c++. And the main advantage of uTorrent is in fact that you not only download files from the original person who shared files but also gets portions from fellow downloaders to maximize the data exchange. Technically, a computer first loads torrent file into BitTorrent client and joins a BitTorrent swarm. The BitTorrent file contains tracker specified in a loaded Torrent file.

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How Torrent works on iPhone

When connects to that web server and download the data directly from the server.To download the files that need to connect to the specific web server to download the file or the other content.

How to download Torrent on iPhone

The way to download the Torrent on iPhone is little long but not so hard you can get it easily.

  • First, download the Filler App through App Store.
  • Then create an account on This is the website by which you have to download the uTorrent.
  • Now go to your web and search torrent.If you find it then press the download button.
  • After pressing the download button it should give you magnet links. You just have to copy the URL.
  • After copying the URL go to the web and paste it on the download bar.
  • Then your Torrent will start downloading.
  • After downloading it will give you a web page.You just have to download the blue bow download button.
  • Now copy the URL.
  • Open the Filler App and click on the “Get Link”.
  • You will then paste the link from Example site and click “download”.
  • When you download, it will show you the file of Torrent.
  • This is little long but the easiest way of downloading Torrent in iPhone.There are ways to download the torrent on iPhone but this is the easiest way.


In late 2010, some controversy arose with a release of uTorrent which included adware in the form of the Conduit Engine, which installed a toolbar, and made the homepage and default search engine changes to a user’s web browser.Torrent bundled the Bing Toolbar.

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