Download Firefox for iPhone, iPad – Install Firefox on iOS

Firefox for iPad / iPhone

It’s a most popular web browser that is used above 500 million people worldwide and surf with the internet.It is available on these operating system such as MaC, Linux, windows and other handheld devices.You can also use firefox in more than 70 different languages.It introduces September 23, 2002, in the USA.

You can also use internet explorer but it is faster that means you don’t have to waste time for waiting to load your web page.Firefox gives us the strong security and protects us from cyber crime. Most of the people stopped using internet explorer and switched on Firefox. And it is free and easy to learn and use it.

Download and Install Firefox on iPad / iPhone

Firefox is now officially an iOS app.

    Firefox on iPad was released in 2015.To download Firefox on iPad so your experience will become smart, fast and personal web. It is the first browser that is made by Mozilla for their iOS customers and it is independent too.
    And you can easily download it to follow these steps:

  • Open the AppStore.
  • Tap Get button and install it.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • After downloading tap Firefox and enjoy your surfing.

firefox for ipad iphone

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Firefox requirements for Ipad:

To install and use Mozilla Firefox on your iPad or iPhone. There are few system requirements which is to be observed. It is discussed here to get to know that if you are using the appropriate device which have enough hardware to use this application up to date. For more, to get the maximum speed and performance your iOS version should be updated to the latest one. If not, update your software to latest version so that all devices may get compatible with your device. Below written are the minimum requirements for smooth performance of the application.

  • Make sure you have storage 91.2 MB.
  • And it required ios 9.0 or later.

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