Dave2D says “Wait” until the keyboard is fixed


  • Tech YouTuber Dave Lee suggested anyone interested in buying a MacBook Pro should “wait” until Apple fixes the issues some are having on their newer Apple laptops with mechanism keyboards. butterfly.
  • Apple has publicly apologized for the problems, but has not indicated that it is making any drastic changes.
  • For the repair, Apple would most likely replace the faulty keyboard with the same version that came with your laptop – and the replacement keyboard could also become faulty.
  • If you now buy a Mac laptop with a butterfly keyboard, you may end up with a faulty keyboard.

Dave Lee, the technical YouTuber of the Dave2D channel, has the best advice if you’re considering buying a new MacBook Pro, but that means waiting before you buy anything.

In a video last week, Lee spoke about the issues with Apple’s butterfly-mechanism keyboards – found on the 2015-17 MacBook, 2018 MacBook Air, and any MacBook Pro released between 2016 and 2018, in 13- and 15-inch models – including the keys which do not register or which register as double dashes.

“My advice is, if you are thinking of buying a MacBook Pro now, I would stick with it,” Lee said.

That’s disastrous advice for anyone looking to get a new MacBook Pro anytime soon. But Lee is a little right.

Macbook Air

Hollis Johnson / Business Insider

The problem with buying a new MacBook Pro right now

While Lee said Apple has done well to at least fix the issue, going so far as to apologize to users having issues, he explained his reason for not buying a new Mac laptop at this time:

“The biggest problem is that they don’t actually fix this problem. They don’t revamp a keyboard and put a new keyboard without a problem here. They use the exact same keyboard that your laptop came with. are not even put the membrane version [the latest generation] among older people. “

That is: If you have issues with your Mac laptop’s butterfly mechanism keyboard, there is no guarantee that a replacement will prevent them from happening again, resulting in another trip to the Apple Store for a repair. This is exactly what happened with me and my 2016 MacBook Pro, which took me two trips to the Apple Store to have the keyboard replaced.

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Risk management

If you want to get a new MacBook Pro right now, you need to assess the risk of receiving a model with a faulty butterfly keyboard.

It is true that not all Mac laptop owners have encountered problems with butterfly mechanism keyboards. Apple said that “the vast majority of Mac laptop customers have a positive experience with the new keyboard.”

Yet it is a risk worth evaluating.

“A keyboard on a laptop shouldn’t fail at this frequency. It’s abnormal and it’s unfortunate,” Lee said in his video.

You don’t sign up to take multiple trips to the Apple Store and spend multiple days without your laptop if you buy a new Mac laptop now. But the risk is there.

“I’ve seen a lot of reports on Reddit about people who had just completed their second, third, fourth repair process,” Lee said.

key butterfly apple mech

A key with the Apple butterfly mechanism.

YouTube / Apple

The Apple Butterfly Keyboard Problem Is Real

Lee said that of his four Mac laptops with butterfly-mechanism keyboards, two had problems.

I took my 2016 MacBook Pro twice to get its keyboard replaced by Apple, and wrote an article almost a year ago to show what it’s like to work on a faulty butterfly keyboard. Last week, The Wall Street Journal published a similar article.

Other journalists and YouTube Technology Channels also published their experience with Apple’s faulty keyboard.

And prominent Apple blogger John Gruber even called Apple’s butterfly keyboards “the worst product in Apple’s history.”

In June, the company launched a keyboard repair program that allows affected users to have their keyboards replaced for free. Newer Mac laptops are also added to Apple’s program.

Having said that, if you need a new Mac laptop, you need a new Mac laptop. I could go on and on by suggesting alternatives that run Windows 10, but if you want a Mac you don’t want anything else.

But if you are curious about the alternatives, I would check out Lenovo laptops. They have the best keyboards on the market.

Watch Lee’s video:


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