‘CryptoRom’ targets mobile users by exploiting iPhone features

There is a dark side to using the internet. Many scammers are constantly looking for their targets. They make users believe in their formulation and promises. Something serious is happening in the same direction. “CryptoRom” is a similarly organized criminal effort. It uses legit iOS tools like TestFlight and Web Clips to trick users into their trap. These social engineering attacks use a mixture of romance charms and cryptocurrency scams. Due to this, unsuspecting victims install rogue apps.

CryptoRom – A Crypto Scam

The organized criminal effort goes by the name “CryptoRom”. Cybersecurity firm Sophos gives it the name, which describes it as a global hoax. There was a Sophos report that was released last week by analyst Jagadeesh Chandraiah. According to which, this form of cyber fraud is called sha zhu pan (杀猪盘). It has the literal meaning of “pork butcher plate”. These operations contain a series of well-planned and well-structured scams. They use a mixture of romance charms and cryptocurrency scams. Through fake financial apps, they steal their target’s savings as they have gained the target’s trust.

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How this campaign works

The program targets potential people through online dating like Bumble, Tinder, Fb Dating and Grindr. And before focusing on messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, and pressuring victims to download a cryptocurrency trading app, freeze the funds. These apps have designs like famous brands and drive people out of their accounts.

However, the new Assault leverages Apple’s TestFlight beta testing framework and Web Clips. It allows URLs to particular web pages on the main screen of users’ iOS gadgets just like a typical app.

Once installed, criminals promise victims large financial returns in exchange for monetary investment, while altering the numbers of the fake app to ‘enhance the scam’ and persuade victims that ‘they are making a profit’ through the platform.

Previous Version of Crypto Scam

Previous versions of the social engineering scheme were discovered in October 2021. It used fake App Store pages to trick customers into installing illegal iOS apps. Also, abusing Apple’s Developer Enterprise program to spread malware through questionable mobile provisioning accounts.

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