Apple’s New iPhone Features “Cinema Mode” – Billboard

Appleit is iPhone 13 includes a new camera feature called “Cinema Mode” that’s designed to help filmmakers and enthusiasts shoot and edit better footage from their device, the company said Tuesday at its annual September event.

marketed with a Knives out-inspired by the thriller short film, the camera function – which records in Dolby Vision HDR – can track where the subject of the video is looking and adjust the camera’s focus accordingly. Video editors will also be able to manually edit depth of field and bokeh levels in their footage after capture.

iPhone 13 Pro users, who have an extra lens on their devices, will also be able to record and edit footage in ProRes – a feature that will help creators looking to use their work in a professional setting.

“It really brings the cameras to the pros,” said cinematographer Greig Fraser, who was joined in a promotional video with director Kathryn Bigelow, at Apple’s event on Tuesday. “We are very, very soon going to see filmmakers making films in a different way.”

Earlier in the event, Apple executives unveiled new iPad and Apple Watch models. Apple CEO Tim Cook also opened the event with a sizzle reel of upcoming fall releases on Apple TV+, including Season 2 of The morning show, who returns this Friday; the Movie starring Tom Hanks Bullfinch, which comes out November 5; and the new series The problem with Jon Stewartpremiering on September 30.

This story was originally posted by The Hollywood Reporter.

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