Apple Updates Older iPhone and iPad Models to Fix GPS Issue (Updated)


In addition to releasing iOS 12.4, Apple also announcement that it fixes older versions of the platform for devices that cannot run the latest deployments. We are talking about models as old as the iPhone 4s and the first generation iPad mini. Not to teach old devices new tricks, but to fix a bug that prevents them from using GPS.

You see, GPS technology has to keep an eye on the date and time to show your location – it tracks the date by counting the number of weeks and storing the values ​​as 10-bit digits. Every 20 years or so, that 10-bit week number reverts to zero, causing problems for older devices that weren’t designed to handle change. The most recent bearing pass on April 6, which means Apple devices that cannot install the latest versions of iOS could be affected by the issue.

Apple’s mobile operating system will need to be installed by November 3. The company explained that the GPS and clock will work fine after this date, and failure to do so will affect performance due to a manufacturing defect. For iPhone 5 and fourth generation iPad, the update will appear under About in Settings in iOS 10.3.4. Meanwhile, the update will appear in iOS 9.3.6 for iPhone 4s, first generation iPad mini, iPad 2, and third generation iPad. Check out the recently released instructions from Apple here.

Update 07/23/19 11:26 am ET: This post has been updated to clarify that Apple says the patch will need to be installed by November 3, not that the patch will be available that day.

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