Apple to stop selling 12-inch MacBook laptops


Apple has stopped listing its thin and light 12-inch MacBook laptop on its website. Since the company hasn’t updated its most compact laptop in two years, removing the product from the website may indicate that the MacBook is gone for good, or that Apple is brewing a new generation of the. machine which will be released at a later date. .

Apple introduced the MacBook in its current ultra-thin form factor in 2015 and eventually replaced its 11-inch MacBook Air with the new ultra-portable laptop that offered a better display, slimmer design, and lower weight, albeit at a higher price. To make this level of portability possible, all three generations of Apple’s MacBooks have relied on Intel Core Y-series processors with very low TDP but moderate performance levels. You could say that Apple’s MacBook has bridged the gap between 10-inch tablets and 13-inch laptops, but its end-user adoption has never been high, mainly because 12-inch mobile PCs target a very specialized market.

Apple introduced its new generation of 13-inch MacBook Air laptops in October 2018. These laptops use the Intel Amber Lake Y processor, a decent display, and a very long battery life. While these machines are bulkier and heavier than MacBooks, they have a number of advantages and are less expensive.

Now that Apple has its new MacBook Air with high performance iPad Pro tablets, its MacBook may no longer serve its purpose in its current form, which is why Apple has removed it from its website. The laptop will still be available from resellers for a while, but it’s obvious Apple believes demand for this product will shift to other computers it offers.

It remains to be seen if Apple will decide to approach the market segment its MacBook served with a new product anytime soon, but for now, MacBook is no more.

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Source: Apple (Going through MacRumors)


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