Apple reportedly adopted OLED screens in “some” iPad models from next year


Apple plans to adopt OLED display technology in “select” iPad models next year, following the recent adoption of mini-LED technology in its most premium 12.9-inch iPad Pro, according to a report from Korea ANDNews.

The report, citing industry sources, claims that Apple will use OLED displays instead of LCDs in some iPad‌ models from 2022. The report does not specify which ‌iPad‌ models would switch from LCD technology to technology. OLED, but credible Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the mid-range iPad Air will be updated with an OLED display at least next year.

Apple currently uses OLED displays for high-end iPhones and all Apple Watch models, while other product families continue to use LCD technology. OLED displays for Apple products are currently supplied by Samsung and LG, and ANDNews believes that the two vendors will also provide OLED displays for future iPads.

Last month, Apple introduced a brand new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with mini-LED technology, which compared to the LCD screen offers deeper blacks, improved contrast, and higher brightness. Apple is expected to continue adopting mini-LED display technology with new MacBook Pro models starting this year.

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