Apple Plans “Virtual Acoustic” Surround Sound for MacBook Laptops

Apple has patented new audio technology for its line of MacBook laptops that could allow users to have the impression that sound is coming from a source other than the speaker.

The patent, unearthed by Apple obviously, describes “virtual acoustic” technology, similar to that of the Apple HomePod speaker.

Apple’s brief points out that audio could be presented in a way that gives the impression that the sound is “coming out” from elsewhere in an indoor outdoor space [rather] than directly from a speaker.

The company describes a system known as “crosstalk cancellation” that will allow the audio signal to contain “spatial cues,” making the sound appear to be coming from somewhere else.

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Here is a little more on what Apple is doing based on the patent application entitled “System for removing virtual sound from a listener using a crosstalk suppressor”.

Apple writes, “Processing the audio signal for virtual acoustics can greatly enhance a movie, even a sport, video game, or other on-screen viewing experience, adding to the feeling of being there.

“Various known audio processing algorithms, executed by digital processors, modify one or more digital audio signals recorded, synthesized, mixed or otherwise produced”, he continues, “so as to position a virtual source according to a modeling based on human perception of the sound. sound, including the role of ear acoustics, other reflective and absorbent surfaces, distance and angle from source, and other factors.

It follows a patent filed by Apple this winter that could allow the technology to be applied to headphones as well as MacBooks. The app for both could help Apple’s ambitions in the augmented reality space.

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